11 February 2010

I just don't know what to do....

I want so very much to keep up with this blog because I put so much effort into it since I started it back in 2004. It just seems that I get sidetracked and then the next thing I know it's been like seven days or more since my last post. Sometimes I have a lot of things to talk about and then other times it's like pulling teeth trying to even get a paragraph out of my head. I know that I can always count on the 12 of 12 project which means, I can have at least one post per month. As it stands right now, if I can't find my camera which is somewhere in the final 20 boxes that we have not unpacked then I won't even have that post to put up here.

I keep promising that I'll do better and then I end up not doing it or in fact the length of time between post actually gets worse. When I say I'll post more regularly, I mean well, really I do. However, as I said I seem to get easily side tracked. Now, I could blame it on the fact that since we moved back to the big city (Sydney aka The Big Smoke), don't ask me why it's called that it just is, but since we moved back we have been extremely busy. There is some truth to that but not enough in so much that I don't have the time to sit down and tap out a few words on this here little ol' computer. The fact remains that if I wanted to post everyday I could but I'm just being lazy. On the other hand to be honest I'm not sure that my life is that interesting to warrant a post every day. I've never really thought about it. Maybe I should do just that, think about that is, and then get back to you to let you know what I find out from that little insight seeking excursion

Anyway, as it stands all of this rambling so far is going to constitute a post for now. Lets see what else can I tell you? Oh yes, I do know a few details of upcoming events. We are going to visit friends in Cooma NSW, which is about an eight hour drive from here. We are going up on Wednesday and staying for a few days. Then the week after that we are heading north of Sydney towards the Sunshine Coast to visit another friend who recently had a baby, which will be nice to see her but I'm not looking forward to the added heat and humidity. Other than that it's just business as usual around here and all that adds up to keeping the fort down and looking for work. Oh, one other travel item I recently found out that we are going to Fiji in July to attend a friends wedding, The same friends from Cooma, so I'm very much looking forward to that. I can guarantee that I will have things to post about after that trip if it's only just the photos.

Okay, that's it for now. I won't promise to keep posting everyday. I will just say that if you are interested in hanging around, I will post on occasions but I don't want to be responsible for you turning blue because you held your breath until I posted again. So please don't do that because there is so much paper work involved after a nasty non-breathing blue-turning episode. Until next time take care, stay safe and ENJOY life every way you can... .

3 February 2010

I know you don't believe me...

...but I'm still here. I think we have finally settled into or new digs here in Sydney. It's kind of nice to be back. There are a lot of advantages to living in a big city. At the same time there are drawbacks. I am trying to acclimate to the weather. I loathe hot weather when it includes high humidity. We of course have had nothing nut hot days with humidity in the 85% + range. I told myself if I can just get through the end of summer I will be just fine. Technically there are only have four more weeks of summer so I'll just see how I go. I mean I lived here for six years before we moved to Tassie so I know I can put up with the weather. Probably the other big difference is the amount of people and traffic. We moved from Sydney with over four million of people down to Tassie with only 500,000 for the entire island of which Hobart only had a little over 200,000 people. So getting used to the buzz of the big city will take some time especially seeing that one of the reasons we left Sydney in the first place was to get away from all of the hustle, bustle and noise.

I begun the job search in earnest up here and I hope I have a more positive experience than I had in Tasmania. I at least have more options and more job opportunities available which will hopefully make looking easier. All I can do is try and as the say in the lottery "you have to be in it to win it" and so I have to apply for things as they won't just come to me.

Anyway, there isn't much else to tell at the moment. As I said we have just now settled into our new but temporary living space. We started house hunting and plan on taking our time in order to get just the right place. We are grateful to have our current lodging which allows us to take said time so we won't feel so rushed and pressured to buy quickly. Now, don't get me wrong if the right place came along this afternoon we would definitely take it but I don't think it will be that easy. We shall see what comes our way. I hopefully will now pick up on my posting. As usually I am also always on over at Facebook if you want to keep up with me that way. Okay, until next time, take care and try to enjoy life and the world around you.