29 March 2005

On a brighter note...

We are going for a ride in the country today in search for fall colours. If I get lucky I'll post pictures for everyone here soon. Until then, wish us luck...

"Gay is Not Normal Campaign"

Watchman Media has launched it's new "Gay is Not Normal Campaign". Watchman Media Chief Financial Officer Letishia Wannamaker said “I believe the general public needs to know the detriment of homosexuality. Children are being steered wrong and adults need the guidance absent fathers didn’t provide. It is our mission to combat the rise of this human detriment, because if we continue on this same increasing scale, we will have more financial burdens, more misguided homes, higher crime rates, and an increase in biblical punishment”. Read more here...

The Wathcman Media Corporation web site hides behind a members only log in page. They must be ashamed of what they do and say.

25 March 2005

The Undoing of America

In a recent interview Gore Vidal comments:

"Well, the Congress has ceded--which it cannot do--but it has ceded its power to declare war. That is written in the Constitution. It's the most important thing in the Constitution, ultimately. And having ceded that to the Executive Branch, he can declare war whenever he finds terrorism. Now, terrorism is a wonderful invention because it doesn't mean anything. It's an abstract noun. You can't have a war against an abstract noun; it's like having a war against dandruff. It's meaningless.

But you can terrify people. The art of government now, the art of control as practiced by the current junta, is: Keep the people frightened. It's exactly what Adolf Hitler and his gang did. Keep them frightened: The Russians are coming. The Poles are killing Germans who live within the borders of Poland. The Czechs are doing the same thing in the Sudetenland. These are evil people. We must go after them. We must save our kin.

Keep everybody frightened, tell them lies--and the bigger the lie, the more they'll believe it. There's nothing the average American now believes (because he's been told it 10,000 times a day) that is true. Now how do you undo so much disinformation? Well, you have to have truth squads at work 24 hours a day every day. And we don't have them."

Read the whole interview here...

23 March 2005

Bishop apologises

The Bishop who originally denied the owner of two gay bars a catholic burial after his recent death has apologised to the family and has said that he will preside at a memorial mass for the man. Read more here...

19 March 2005

Gay club owner denied burial by Catholic Church

The leaders of the Catholic Church in San Diego have denied burial rights to the owner of two gay clubs after his recent death. In a quote from the statement from the church

"His business is adult entertainment, which is inconsistent with Catholic teaching" Valdivia said. "People would be scandalized that the church granted a funeral to a person who had this type of business activity."

I don't even know what to say to this. Read more here...

18 March 2005

Autumn chill

It's early in the autumn season here in the land down under and although it's not freezing it was still cool enough to test out the fireplace in our lounge room. I just love a fire in a fireplace on a cold night... There will be many more before this winter is over.

16 March 2005

Being lazy...

I'm just being lazy when it comes to posting as of late. I will also say that there is not much happening at the moment but as soon as it does I'll be telling everyone! As it stands I've been busy at the AIDS Council. James has been busy at the Hospital and the only thing Max has manage to catch is a stick...(actually glad about the last one. I would be really upset if he caught a bird or something...) I'm home tomorrow maybe I'll be inspired then but no promises.....

9 March 2005

Abuse, fear and shame...Suicide

A recent study, from Canada, of 32 young gay men suggests that the participants all had something in common when talking about why they tried to commit suicide. 32 gay men between the ages of 18 and 35 years who had attempted suicide at least once, some as young as age 11, revealed in the recent study that they all shared a common link: a lifelong struggle to feel good about themselves and live in harmony with their social environment. They all said that abuse, fear and shame were the motivator for their suicide attempt and not their sexual orientation. Even though I never attempted suicide, I just hid for so many years, I can truly understand what these guys had to say. Read more here...

8 March 2005

Amazing blooms!!!

I swear the flowers in our garden could win awards and all I have to do is water them and feed them. I have been so very happy with all of the flowers that have popped up in our new garden. It has been a real learning experience for me. The rose in the picture is from a climbing rose that is on a trellis in our front garden. I wasn't sure how well that rose bush was going to do because it look pretty weak but in the last couple of weeks I've been pleasantly surprised. The one that I cut is two on one stem and each bloom is as big as my open hand. I'm impressed! Next the maple tree in the back will be turning red as we are into the first week of autumn and as soon as it changes I'll be taking pictures.