27 September 2010

I can't believe it...

...I just can't believe that the the year is almost over. I mean it seems like it was only yesterday that we moved back up to Sydney and that was in January. I just don't understand it. Maybe in some small way as we get older we become more aware of time where as when we were younger time was quite irrelevant. Anyway, it really doesn't much matter because like it or not faster or slower time will keep moving on and I will just go along as I always do.

With that said I just wanted to check-in. I know I basically use this blog as a photo blog now and then only for 12 of 12. I'm sorry to say that 12 of 12 will end at the end of the year. The man responsible for creating the concept behind 12 of 12, no longer wants to keep up with the program and as such will stop it at end of year. The last 12 of 12 will be in December. Now there is nothing saying that I can't do 12 of 12 on my own, it just wouldn't be linked to the other 50 some odd other people that participate each month. I will say that I have made a few new friends since I started doing 12 of 12 and I would hate to lose sight of them. They are all very nice, funny and kind in their own way. They are also very good photographers and I will miss seeing their pictures every month. So what all this grizzling is coming done to is this; where should I go from here once 12 of 12 finishes?

Yes, as I said I could do 12 of 12 anyway. I could start my own version and call it like I did last month 17 on 14 but that just seems like a copy cat version of the original and as such not very original. I'm not sure I could trust myself to just put up photos when I take them because I'm not that disciplined, which is a problem all unto itself. I liked having 12 of 12 as it was a project I HAD TO DO each month. Left to my own devices it could not bode as well. So as I said if there is anybody still out there reading this tripe and if they would like me to perform like a circus elephant then just leave me a idea in the comments or send me an email for those of you that have my email and we shall see what we can come up with and go from there. I will say that I may have one new project on the burner I'll let you know how that goes shortly. Until then take care, stay safe and enjoy..life that is as it way to short...

14 September 2010

17 on 14...

Well I may have missed 12 of 12 this month but I hope I've made up with this batch of photos. I took 216 photos and I brought it down to these 17 choices. I hope you enjoy them and I will try to be much more diligent when it comes to remembering next month's 12 of 12. Until then enjoy...

The one of many water themed pictures from today. This is a quaint little fountain that sits inside a small reflection garden in the middle of the city

This is part of a glass door that acts as a barrier to the inner doors of the local war memorial. Not that I'm big on war but her in Australia it seems that every major city has a rather large war memorial. Regardless if you are for war or not they are still architecturally beautiful. Can you spot the important subtlety in the glass work?

One of the many figures carved out of sandstone that adorns the memorial

Just a bit of lovely sweet and delicate wisteria.

I just liked the way the sunlight lit up the leaves of this plant.

As I said there is a bit of a water theme in these pictures. This fountain is one of two that are part of an esplanade that sits in front of Saint Mary's cathedral in the city.

The second fountain part of a reflecting pool which also occasionally has water spouts, that is also part of that esplanade in front of the cathedral.

The other side of the reflecting pool without the water spouts

This is a guess what it is photo... I will tell you that it was taken near the cathedral.

Iron work on one of the side doors of the cathedral.

There is a lot of stone carvings in the city all cut out of sandstone in most cases and this one caught my eye.

The very top of the church spires, why did I take the picture I don't know I just did...

Some more of that sandstone craftsmanship.

I can't have a set of photos without a self portrait so here it be.

This little item are part of a wall display and they are actually made out of metal

These flowers are blooming all over the city including around a hundred of them in our yard alone but don't ask me what they are.

Last but not least a bit of iron work on one of the fences and that is all for this lot of pictures. Hope you liked a few of them. I'll be back next month to bring you 12 of 12 for October. See you then...

13 September 2010

Oh, No!

I am not worthy of your attention. I should be punished. My allowance should be taken away for a month and I should be grounded at the same time. As usual I wasn't thinking and now I find myself in trouble. I can't be trusted. I can say I'm sorry and in this case mean I am a sorry individual. The correct thing to say is mea culpa and I apologise. There is no excuse for my mistake other than being lazy and undisciplined. I don't know what else to say except to ask your forgiveness. I won't promise that it will never happen again but I will try my hardest with all my being to remember 12 of 12 next month.

Okay, maybe I'm being a little harsh on myself but but such is life. I really can't believe I missed the day. I new it was coming up. I charged the battery for the camera and was all ready to go. The next thing I know it's this morning and it's too late. However, as a small token of my apology. I am going in to the city today and I will take the camera with me and take all sorts of pictures. I will share the best of them with you probably the next day as I won't get home until late and I will have to upload them all to the computer and then sort through them before I can post them. Nothing personal but I just don't want to stay up that late tonight just to rush and get the photos posted. Even though, I should put them up as soon as possible as part of my punishment but I know there is a kinder side to you, my faithful companions and you don't want me to suffer unnecessarily. Do you?

I don't get to go into the city as often as I would like so this is a nice opportunity to have a bit of fun whilst taking care of some other business. It's the 13th here now. I look to have the pictures up tomorrow. So check back in a day and hopefully I will make up for my terrible mistake. I thank you in advance for you understanding and compassion. See you soon....