24 February 2005

We're back!!!

We actually got back from our trip to Sydney on Monday night but it was very late and since then we have had house guest that will be here until next week. So, I really have had little time to tell you about how the weekend went. Lets just say it was HOT, HUMID and LOUD, basically a little of everything why we moved away from Sydney. I know some people thrive on the big city buzz but our priorities have changed and I prefer working in the garden on our quiet street. That's just me, call me strange but oh well.......

16 February 2005

The big city

We head to Sydney on Friday and it will be our first visit back since our move to the great state of Tasmania three months ago. Now I know that it has only been three months since we moved but the vast differences between here and Sydney are really just that...Vast! I'll be interested to see how it feels to be in all the traffic and crowds. I have a feeling I won't have missed it much and will look forward to getting back to Tassie. The reason we are coming to Sydney is to help celebrate someone's 40th. It's one of those big B-days and we wanted to be there for support. On another note a close friend comes to visit tomorrow and they will be visiting the rest of the island until we get back on Monday and then they will be with us for the rest of the week. So it's all happening around here!

13 February 2005

Be alert be very alert...

A man in New York city has been diagnosed with a very rare form of resistant HIV. This form of HIV progresses from the point of infection to AIDS quickly (two-ten months). This is not an imminent world wide danger but it is something that we should all take note of and be alert on the subject. Read more here...

12 February 2005

Gay penguins

A zoo in Germany has some male penguins that apparently have a fondness for one another and not the ladies, but the zoo keepers think they have the answer.

Dinner at eight...

We had some good friends over last night for dinner. It was our first sit down dinner in our new dining room with our new dining table. The dinner went well and the food, although basic, was good. We are becoming very domestic here in the new house. It's not that we weren't domestic at the old place but living in the big city in a unit had it's limitations. The new place just lends itself to more entertaining etc. All in all it was a good night!

6 February 2005

The Great Outdoors

Well it had to happen sooner or later, after five weeks of being kept inside Max has made it to the great outdoors. He has not left the back yard but I don't think we will ever be able to keep him inside now. In a way it works well for us as we can now leave the doors open and enjoy the fresh air. I just hope he stays out of trouble. He has a good noisy bell collar on so I don't think he'll be catching any birds. We can only hope!

1 February 2005

Cancer causing agent list grows

The list of cancer causing agents, including possible agents, has been updated. The list contains 246 agents that may cause cancer. The list now includes viruses, Hep C and B, as well as some substance found in grilled meat. Sort of puts a damper on all those barbecues and as if we didn't need more stress in our life. It just seems now day that everything we eat or do might cause us health problems. Maybe we should all just stay in bed until the end comes? Anyway, if you want to read more go here.