30 October 2006

I'm here....

I'm still here. We got home a week ago last Thursday after an exhausting 48 hour flight (including a few lay-overs LA, Hong Kong, Melbourne). I will write more soon as I've got a lot of things to talk about and plenty of pictures to share. So bear with me and I'll be back to it very soon.

13 October 2006

We have to hope

It's not so much about coming out for me as it is the comments made in this video...

We have to hope... and for more information about the Human Rights Campaign go here

12 October 2006

I'm still standing...

Well we're still here at mum's but we will be leaving in a few days (6 to be exact). I've done all I could to help her, now I have to hope that she will get on with her life after we leave. She is still very worried about having enough money to live on by herself and that is something I can not fix, only time will tell...

We are going to take her out for a nice dinner next weekend before we leave as her birthday is on the 21st. She had a good time in Galveston but she is still in a huge vacuum with dad being gone which is to be expected as it was only three weeks yesterday that he passed away.

Anyway, we will spend the last few days just trying to be happy and then James and I head for home. I will be both happy and sad for that to happen, happy because I will be going home but sad because I am going to worry so much about my mum. As it has been said before what does not kill us makes us stronger and as of yet I'm still standing.

4 October 2006

Picking up the pieces....

Well, we made it to SF and spent the night there before heading to Dallas the next day. It was an emotional moment when I finally got to see my mum but that was to be expected. We have had a few roller coaster days but we keep moving forward. I have called all of the appropriate insurance people and all of the forms are on there way for my mother to sign so she will get some money rolling her way which she will need as she is going to have to have my dad's will probated and that will freeze all assets that are in joint names.

We went to the cemetery a few days ago and I finally got to say good bye to my dad. It's beautiful site and I know he would have been pleased with where he has ended up. My little brother is also going to take part of my dad's ashes and spread them at the farm which he grew up at and that the family still owns. Dad would have loved that and it is where his heart is.

We are taking my mum to Galveston this Friday for the weekend so she can get out of the house and try to do some normal things. We made reservations at the Hotel Galvez which is a historic hotel that James and I stayed at during one of his visits to Texas early in our relationship eight years ago when we used to fly back and forth across the Pacific before I moved to Australia for good!

Well that's all for now. James and I are going to boy's town today for some us time, have lunch and maybe some shopping.