24 April 2012

"Shirt of Shirts" visits Sydney...

There is a famous shirt that was designed, and sewn with loving hands by a very dear, sweet. and caring man. This man is very talented and he has sewn many a shirt but this shirt was to be special and when he finished the shirt he decided to call it the "Shirt of Shirts". Now, because this shirt was so special this kind man thought, "How can I share this shirt with the world?" He said, "I know I can wear the shirt but then only the people I know will see it and this shirt is too special so it must be seen everyone". Then slowly an idea blossomed in his head and he exclaimed "I've got it I will share the shirt with all of my blogger friends and send it around the world."

The kind man told all of his blogger friends about his idea and they were thrilled and excited to think that they would actually be able to wear one of this man's fine shirts. So the kind man decided that in order to see the shirt each blogger would have to promise to take a picture or two of themselves wearing the shirt. There would also be a journal accompanying the shirt when it was sent to each blogger and the bloggers had to write something about the shirts adventure when it stopped at each bloggers home. This kind man not only made the "Shirt of Shirts and came up with the way to share the shirt he also decided that for each blogger that wore the shirt and took a picture, that the kind man would donate money to the charity of that bloggers choice. So, with the shirt made, the rules made and a long list of earner bloggers waiting for there turn to wear the shirt. the adventure of the shirt of shirt began.

Finally the "Shirt of Shirts" has made itself around to the other side of the world and landed in the land down under, Sydney Australis. I am proud and honoured to be a part of this great project and as the rules state I have taken pictures to show that the shirt of shirts spent a day sightseeing in the land of Oz so the following are a few of the pictures taken of the shirts visit to Sydney. Enjoy...

Here we are in Sydney near the famous Sydney Opera House

Behind me is the Sydney Harbour Bridge

There's the Opera House in the background

The city of Sydney in the background

and one more for good measure

So, there you go that is the story of the "Shirt of Shirts" and I owe the great pleasure of sharing this shirt with you thanks to this generous man

20 April 2012

My how time flies...

...when you're not having fun. As usual I have let too much time pass since posting here. Actually it hasn't been that long but compared to others who post daily then it has been awhile. Since arriving back from my visit to the states to visit my mother I have been fast at work with my duties back here in the land down under and barely had time to think much less tend to or read other blogs. So with all of my rushing around I have had little time for fun.

Anyway, an exciting event is about to occur in my home town of Sydney. What may you ask is that event? I am happy to announce that the "Shirt of Shirts" arrived here in Australia and soon, meaning tomorrow, I plan to take the shirt on a tour of Sydney. Now for those of you who don't know what the "Shirt of Shirts" is, it is a project started by this kind and and gentle man who I might add who has a way with words over at his blog Spo-Reflections. This man is very talented so much so that not only does he have a way with words but he also yields a mean needle and thread. "Spo" as he goes by in the blogger word makes shirts. Now these shirts by many standards most would be considered a type of Hawaiian shirt. Well, one of these shirts was destined to become the "Shirt of Shirts", so called as the fabric to make the shirt contains the pattern of a multitude of colourful shirts. This shirt, as I said, has made it's way around the world and with every stop Spo has generously offered to make a donation to the charity of choice that the wearer chooses. I thought it was such a wonderful idea I just had to be very much be a part of this project.

So, with that said I will proudly wear the shirt and will take pictures of the sites the shirt gets to visit. As I said, I am very excited to be able to take part of this shirt's epoch journey around the world. As it stands the shirt has been to many locales within the United Staes but it has also visited places like Spain, France. Great Britain and Canada. Anyway. I just wanted to share this bit of news and I will in inert post pictures to share with you the photos that are taken during the shirts vista here in Australia.