29 April 2010

No 12 of 12 for May 2010...

Hi everyone, yes it's me again. I know I don't post regularly and I'm sure what few readers I had have dropped me as part of their regular blog reading but I will keep posting when I can and hope someone will read what I write. It was inevitable to lose a few readers but in the end I am comfortable with that outcome. However, I did decide a few months back that maybe this blog will become more of a photo blog and using the 12 of 12 project, that was the brainchild of this man, gives me the opportunity to present to those that are interested, a look into my life through the lens of my camera. I truly enjoy taking the pictures each month and have the hardest time picking out the just 12 pictures to submit each month. I usually take around 160 pictures so the filter process is a bit difficult but I think that it also is part the fun for me doing the project.

Anyway, the main point of this latest entry is to very sadly tell you that I won't be able to do the 12 of 12 for May 2010. But, there is a very good reason for this unfortunate event. "What is that good reason you ask?" My answer is "I got a job!" Yes that's right, after 15 long months and more then 70 applications sent out of looking for gainful employment, I finally snared myself a job. I will be working for a company called International SOS. I am so looking forward to starting, which is on the 10th of May. Maybe my new work environment will provide me with some raw material for a few good post. We will wait and see. I want to thank everyone that supported me through the job hunting process. I really appreciate all of your kind words and encouragement. It meant a lot to me.

There is one more reason for this post and that is to show you the two pictures from last months 12 of 12 that will show you where I got the close up shots of the parts of the two different fountains. So here there are...

This fountain sits in the middle of Sydney's Hyde Park. You cab see the two horse head on eacj side that I took the closed up of one of them.

This fountain sits in the courtyard of Sydney Hospital, which is the oldest hospital in Australia. A note of interest the hospital is still in service and will continue to do so as long as there is a need. In fact my husband just got a new job there working in the Emergency Department. Anyway, I'll keep in touch so I hope that you will keep watching this space and I'll definitely see you for the 12 of 12 for June 2010. See ya...

12 April 2010

12 of 12 for April 2010

It's that time of the month again and no it's not the visit from my special friend. What it is, is time for the 12 of 12 photo blog post. I took these photos from around the city and by city I mean Sydney. I'm going to let the photos speak for themselves. So, to you I say enjoy. Oh and as for the mystery photo from last month the photo is that of a close up of a glass block. anyway as I said enjoy the photos. I hope you like them as much as I liked taking them...

OH! A huge apology to Chad Darnell, the man who started this project. I feel terrible for forgetting to tell everyone about him. Anyway. the 12 of 12 is Chad's idea and if you want to know more about the project or about Chad himself you can find everything you wanted to know right here.

Just part of a very colourful fountain

A very old gas lamp that has been converted to electric

Artwork carved into some sandstone

One of many street fruit and flower vendors

Did you forget something for your work day, do you just need a quick snack, or want the latest gossip magazine? Whatever it may be these downtown street vendors probably have it.

This is a very cool piece of artwork that hangs from the side of a building and I liked the way it looks like it is floating over the coffee shop

This is this months mystery photo. so take a guess and as usually I'll let you know the answer next month

Another cool piece of artwork hanging in the lobby of an office tower

I have lived in this city on and off for approximately six years and i have never seen this sculpture but how could I have missed that colour?

Part of a very large fountain that sits in the middle of Hyde Park

Another piece of the same fountain. I have a thing for fountains this month. I'll make a separate post to show you the entire fountains that these partial pictures were taken

I think these guys are hilarious. They are lawyers and that is what they wear in court. some of them are judges and depending on their experience the bigger the white wig. Well that's it. I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you next month.

Lookee here...

Well, it's been a month to the day and guess what today is??? That's right it's the 12th and you know what that means. Right again, it's time for the monthly 12 of 12 photo post. Maybe, I should rename my blog to to "Being Normal - Pictures" I'll have to think about that one for awhile. Anyway, I really love taking the pictures for this monthly endeavour and can't wait to see what I find today to feed into the lens of my camera. We will just have to wait and see. It's early morning on this the 12th day of April and I am about to head in to the city (Sydney, Australia) to take this months photos. So, stay tuned and I'll see you later today. Wish me luck...