24 December 2010

Season'e greetings!

Hello one and all, I know I've neglected this blog as of late but life around these parts has been extremely hectic. I just wanted to take this moment to wish everyone all the best that this festive season brings. Be it Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Season's Greeting, Happy Kwanzaa or whatever you may call this time of the year, I want to wish you all of the happiness and joy that surrounds this time of the year. If you find sadness at during this time I hope that at some point there is a small glimmer of light in your life so as to make this time pass without so much pain and distress. I hope that you are able to turn to friends and family for support that you may need during these hard time. And as for the New Year, may I wish that it brings each of you new happiness, new challenges and an overall bright future for one and all. From my heart to yours I send warm hugs and a heartfelt Christmas wishes!

13 December 2010

Damn and Happy Holidays!!!

Well, I failed miserably! I had one last chance to join in with 12 of 12 and I blew it. I will have to say I did try but I only got six good photos yesterday and the rest of the day was too hot for me to lug a camera around. we also got all tied up in doing errands that the day just slipped through my fingers. So I will just have to try and make up some new project for the new year. I won't promise anything because I don't want to break anymore promises. I do want to say thank you to everyone who visited this blog every month and also thank you for all of your kind words/comments regarding my photos and to my blog in general.

So, that's it for now. If I don't post something before the big holiday. I would like to wish each and every one of you Season's Greeting, Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah (albeit a tad late) and/or Happy Whatever else you may be celebrating. I also want to wish you all the best for the coming new year. I'll be around so don't give up on me just yet...

Update (I just found out the the originator of 12 of 12 (found here) has agreed to continue it for one more year. Thanks Chad! I'm very excited about the prospect of redeeming my lack of photos over the past and will really try harder to participate in the coming year. See you then...)

22 November 2010


Lookey, lookey, I've found my typing fingers. I once again realised I missed 12 of 12 this month. I'm a bad man and have no excuse. I really need to make a concentrated effort to do December's 12 of 12 as it will be the last. I have decided that for the new year I will try my hardest to continue with some sort of monthly photo blog post in the same vein as 12 of 12. I will start the year off in January with a best of 12 of 12 for the past year 2010 and will post it on the 12th but will call it "12 out of 12". I will pick, in my opinion, the best shot out of each previous months 12 of 12's and for those months that I miss will make up the difference from the other months.. Starting in February I will hopefully have my new photo blog idea ready to roll.

I can't believe how quickly the years fly by now. It was only yesterday that we moved back to Sydney. I suppose as they say my how time flies when your having fun. I just wished it didn't fly so fast because at this rate I'm going to run out of time in which to have fun. Christmas is just a few weeks away and once again it was just a year ago when I ended up in the ICU but funny how that seems like years ago. I guess when it's bad things we don't want to remember we can make the time span that much bigger than it really is.

I guess the only other really exciting thing going on in my life is my new new diet and weight lose. I have only been on this diet which consists of drinking only fresh squeezed fruit juices, for a week. I have already lost 5 kilos (11 pounds). I'm stoked as this is the first time I've actually lost weight and felt great at the same time. I'm going to adda small amount of solid food this week but will continue with the juices. They are very healthy for you and tasty at the same time. Oddly enough they are also very filling and quiet satisfying.

Well, that's it for now I'll be around so check back every so often. You never know when I might find something to put in the sorry excuse I call a blog.

12 October 2010

12 of 12 for October 2010

Well, hello all of you 12 of 12'ers and to anyone else that wants to come along for the ride that is this month's 12 of 12 photo log. I have to say I wasn't very inspired this month so I'm not totally thrilled with all of this months pictures. Now, I'm not saying that to garner opposing remarks/comments telling me I'm wrong and that all of my photos are fantastic. Firstly, I would know you were lying and secondly, I really do know which ones I think are good and which ones are not so good. Before i forget I must credit the men who started all of this and you can find out more about him here. So anyway, here are this month's cash of visual treasures for you to peruse and maybe just maybe one or two will make you say 'Hmmm..that's kinds of a nice one". Enjoy...

Spring is in full bloom around here and summer not far behind and come to think of it Christmas is almost here too. Anyway, there are all sorts of things blooming around here and this is one of many along with others as you will see below.

Ok, as per usual here is this months guess what I am. And as for last months the flowing like texture comes fro the folds of a statue's robes. Also, the etching in the glass work in the other photo are soldiers that change into poppies as the mural goes on...

There is just something lovely about the ocean...

A few brave souls using the ocean pool near our house. It's a great way to swim in the ocean with no sharks. Although, there have been a few times after high tide and the pool has to be de-sharked amongst other things but that doe not happen very often.

A windy day and a blowing flag what can I say...

I just like this picture not much else to say, I just like it...

A lonely maiden tending our garden.

I can't help myself I know I've taken pictures of the hibiscus before but they are just so beautiful and so full of colour. so live with it I am... :-)

This is blooming out of a tree in our yard but since it was planted by the previous owners I have no idea what it is but oddly enough I think it's an olive tree???

Just part of our pool and what I was really looking at was the reflection but I didn't really do it justice.

We just planted these in a small bed near the pool steps. the will bloom like this all summer.

And last but not least our little garden bee who watches over everything

That's all for this month, I plan on making sure I do the next two months12 of 12 as they will be the last official months. I will come up with something of my own after that to keep the picture taking on a roll in a matter of speaking. Get it on a roll, roll of film. Okay I know it's digital and there isn't any film but ya gotta work with me here peoples... Never mind...I'm out...

27 September 2010

I can't believe it...

...I just can't believe that the the year is almost over. I mean it seems like it was only yesterday that we moved back up to Sydney and that was in January. I just don't understand it. Maybe in some small way as we get older we become more aware of time where as when we were younger time was quite irrelevant. Anyway, it really doesn't much matter because like it or not faster or slower time will keep moving on and I will just go along as I always do.

With that said I just wanted to check-in. I know I basically use this blog as a photo blog now and then only for 12 of 12. I'm sorry to say that 12 of 12 will end at the end of the year. The man responsible for creating the concept behind 12 of 12, no longer wants to keep up with the program and as such will stop it at end of year. The last 12 of 12 will be in December. Now there is nothing saying that I can't do 12 of 12 on my own, it just wouldn't be linked to the other 50 some odd other people that participate each month. I will say that I have made a few new friends since I started doing 12 of 12 and I would hate to lose sight of them. They are all very nice, funny and kind in their own way. They are also very good photographers and I will miss seeing their pictures every month. So what all this grizzling is coming done to is this; where should I go from here once 12 of 12 finishes?

Yes, as I said I could do 12 of 12 anyway. I could start my own version and call it like I did last month 17 on 14 but that just seems like a copy cat version of the original and as such not very original. I'm not sure I could trust myself to just put up photos when I take them because I'm not that disciplined, which is a problem all unto itself. I liked having 12 of 12 as it was a project I HAD TO DO each month. Left to my own devices it could not bode as well. So as I said if there is anybody still out there reading this tripe and if they would like me to perform like a circus elephant then just leave me a idea in the comments or send me an email for those of you that have my email and we shall see what we can come up with and go from there. I will say that I may have one new project on the burner I'll let you know how that goes shortly. Until then take care, stay safe and enjoy..life that is as it way to short...

14 September 2010

17 on 14...

Well I may have missed 12 of 12 this month but I hope I've made up with this batch of photos. I took 216 photos and I brought it down to these 17 choices. I hope you enjoy them and I will try to be much more diligent when it comes to remembering next month's 12 of 12. Until then enjoy...

The one of many water themed pictures from today. This is a quaint little fountain that sits inside a small reflection garden in the middle of the city

This is part of a glass door that acts as a barrier to the inner doors of the local war memorial. Not that I'm big on war but her in Australia it seems that every major city has a rather large war memorial. Regardless if you are for war or not they are still architecturally beautiful. Can you spot the important subtlety in the glass work?

One of the many figures carved out of sandstone that adorns the memorial

Just a bit of lovely sweet and delicate wisteria.

I just liked the way the sunlight lit up the leaves of this plant.

As I said there is a bit of a water theme in these pictures. This fountain is one of two that are part of an esplanade that sits in front of Saint Mary's cathedral in the city.

The second fountain part of a reflecting pool which also occasionally has water spouts, that is also part of that esplanade in front of the cathedral.

The other side of the reflecting pool without the water spouts

This is a guess what it is photo... I will tell you that it was taken near the cathedral.

Iron work on one of the side doors of the cathedral.

There is a lot of stone carvings in the city all cut out of sandstone in most cases and this one caught my eye.

The very top of the church spires, why did I take the picture I don't know I just did...

Some more of that sandstone craftsmanship.

I can't have a set of photos without a self portrait so here it be.

This little item are part of a wall display and they are actually made out of metal

These flowers are blooming all over the city including around a hundred of them in our yard alone but don't ask me what they are.

Last but not least a bit of iron work on one of the fences and that is all for this lot of pictures. Hope you liked a few of them. I'll be back next month to bring you 12 of 12 for October. See you then...

13 September 2010

Oh, No!

I am not worthy of your attention. I should be punished. My allowance should be taken away for a month and I should be grounded at the same time. As usual I wasn't thinking and now I find myself in trouble. I can't be trusted. I can say I'm sorry and in this case mean I am a sorry individual. The correct thing to say is mea culpa and I apologise. There is no excuse for my mistake other than being lazy and undisciplined. I don't know what else to say except to ask your forgiveness. I won't promise that it will never happen again but I will try my hardest with all my being to remember 12 of 12 next month.

Okay, maybe I'm being a little harsh on myself but but such is life. I really can't believe I missed the day. I new it was coming up. I charged the battery for the camera and was all ready to go. The next thing I know it's this morning and it's too late. However, as a small token of my apology. I am going in to the city today and I will take the camera with me and take all sorts of pictures. I will share the best of them with you probably the next day as I won't get home until late and I will have to upload them all to the computer and then sort through them before I can post them. Nothing personal but I just don't want to stay up that late tonight just to rush and get the photos posted. Even though, I should put them up as soon as possible as part of my punishment but I know there is a kinder side to you, my faithful companions and you don't want me to suffer unnecessarily. Do you?

I don't get to go into the city as often as I would like so this is a nice opportunity to have a bit of fun whilst taking care of some other business. It's the 13th here now. I look to have the pictures up tomorrow. So check back in a day and hopefully I will make up for my terrible mistake. I thank you in advance for you understanding and compassion. See you soon....

24 August 2010

Mystery photo...

Hi everyone, this is not going to be a long post. I just wanted to tell you what the mystery photo is in last month's 12 of 12 photos. First, thanks to everyone who commented. As usual you are all too kind. I really appreciate everything you have to say. Your comments make me want to find better and more interesting things to photograph and challenges me to be a better photographer.

Now as for the mystery photo, there were actually two. The first one I asked what the symbol stood for and it stands for the major telecommunication company here in the land of Oz. The companies name is Telstra and this symbol is stamped in the concrete cover that covers the access points out side. The covers are located every so often along the footpath (sidewalk to the rest of you). The second photo is actually part of a grating that sits around a tree so that water can get in when it rains and or when the trees are watered.

So there you have it, mystery solved. Now I'm not sure if I will get another post in before next month's 12 of 12 but you never know. I'll definitely see you on the 12th so keep watching this space. Until then take care, be safe and Enjoy the world around you...

12 August 2010

12 of 12 for August 2010

Hello there all of you 12 of 12 fans. Yes, it's that time of the month again and I once again will try to entertain you with my photographic expertise or at least give you something to laugh about. As usual I have to give major credit for the 12 of 12 project. If it was not for the ingenuity of this man we would not have so many people each month taking part in this international photographic exhibition/experience. Anyway enough with the chatter I took these pictures around where we currently reside. So with no further adieu I give you the 12 of 12 for August 2010. Enjoy... (I hope)

Good morning with a self portrait

Hubby always brings me a Chai Latte in the mornings right after he has completed a 10 hour shift in the ER saving lives and stuff like that. He is so sweet.

Just a pretty flower to start my walk

Anyone want to go fishing?

Can you guess what this one is or what the symbol stands for?

How about putting your thinking caps one for this one too.

Just a pretty shot of the ocean and the ongoing fight between it and the land

Just a sign cut out of sandstone celebrating the beaches surf lifesavers.

A palm tree growing along with its fruit or should I say dates

The beautiful layers of the rack/sandstone. Amazing what nature and how it creates beautiful pictures without even trying

Shadow, shadow on the wall

Beehive Bovine and French Moodle are off to do a bit of shopping again...

Well that's it for ths month. I my post some thing here again before next months 12 of 12 but I'm not promising any thing I will definitely see you next time around. Take care one and all...

2 August 2010


Wow, two in one day. I also wanted to share this little tidbit for those who don't follow my comings and goings on Facebook. I posted this little gem earlier. Read on...

I HATE Internet Service Providers!!! I HATE the whole down/upload limits crap. I HATE "If you exceed your monthly down/upload limit, we will have to drop your speed down to EFFING Prehistoric EFFING squirrel on a rotating wheel powered connection speeds." My PC is trying it's best to compensate for CRAPPY ISP but there's only so much it can do, which really is nothing.

In reality the ISP has you by the short and curlys. You can't win when you have the best plan the ISP has to offer. You can't change to a bigger and better plan as there is nothing bigger and better. But, if you sign up to get your home phone your broadband service and a new 2 year contract you can get three times the amount of up/down load limit. What the EFF is that about? I don't think so!

We pay through the nose for crap service and the best they can reply is "We have such a high demand for our service and we only have so many severs to accommodate the demand. Well buy some more EFFING servers! You surely can afford with what you charge us/ME!

Whew, I feel better. I know nothing will change but I still feel a lot better. Okay, not a lot better but better. Oh hell, who am I kidding I could rant like this for weeks and not get any where At the end of the day I went over my limit and now I'm stuck with squirrel power until the 4th of August. Nothing can do about it. Somebody just shoot me!!!

(PS I don't know why this post looks so different from the rest, in reference to font size and possible colour on some of your PC's but at least I posted it. Enjoy...) I'm trying to fix it but it will be what it will be

For Non-Facebook followers...

I just wanted to update those people who only follow this blog and not Facebook in reference to an earlier post. You know that I recently took a new job. You also know that the job is the job from hell. Well, I really need to change part of that last sentence to, the job was the job from hell. I left the job shortly after the rant I posted earlier. I actually became so distressed that at one point I was more depressed at the job than I was the whole time I was looking for a job, and believe me I was really depressed before I got that job. I mean I literally almost burst into tears the afternoon before I quit. I came back from lunch sat down at my desk, if you could call it a desk and just sat there trying not to cry and wondering what the hell was I doing. Why was I there? I barely did any work the rest of the afternoon and I could have cared less.

I came home that night and called hubby, as he was in Fiji for a friends wedding, which in hindsight I wish I had gone. It would have saved me the heartache of taking that job. So, I called him and ended up talking to him for about two hours and finally allowed myself to cry, which of course really upset hubby because he was stuck there and I here. All he said is that he would support me in what ever decision I made but based on the conversation if I would do what he wanted then he wanted me to quit the next day. In the end I did just that.

Anyway, it's done and over and I'm very happy now. I called hubby that night and as I said he was and still is very supportive. I am so very lucky to have that person in my life that person that I so proudly call my husband. He has always been there for me and always supported and encouraged me with every decision I have ever made. I know some of you might say, that's what a partner should do. I agree but sometimes they don't and in this case I just want to acknowledge that my husband is one of those that does. So, it's onward and upward from here and I'll keep you updated as to what comes along on the job front. Until then it's almost time for 12 of 12 so I'll see you then. Take care...

12 July 2010

12 of 12 for July 2010

12 of 12 time is here and as always I am very excited but there is a big ol' spoon of trepidation I must take that tempers my excitement. What I mean is I'm always worried there won't find the right things to photograph. Of course I was extra worried this month that my pictures were going to struggle because I was going to have to use the camera on my IPhone as 12 of 12 fell on Monday, a work day. Well that was sorted easy enough, seeing that I quit my new job last Friday. It's long story and I won't take away from 12 of 12 boring you with the details suffice it to say I got to use my good camera and what follows is what you get for this month, I hope you enjoy and as always I have to thank this MAN, for if not for him I would not be showing these photos. I thank him for creating this project which gives me the impetus to take at least 12 pictures once a month and as such keeps my dreams of taking good pictures one day alive. All I can do now and in the future is to keep taking pictures and what I get is what you'll see. The rest will just have to fall into place. At least that's what I'm hoping happens. So, here's this months 12 of 12 and they were mainly taken around the area of Manly near were we now live. I tried very hard to make this months pictures interesting. We'll have to see what you think so here we go...

Looking down part of the Manly boardwalk

Just one of the interesting fun fact boards they have around the boardwalk/beach at Manly.

A view over to downtown Sydney from North Head

Just some symmetrical trees at a park called Little Manly

Just a very bright fisherman. Wonder if he thinks the red will attract the fish?

An interesting pattern and your guess what it is picture of the month..

Now, I know that it is an ongoing battle to get people to clean up after there dogs but I've never seen a sign where they had to literally show people what they needed to do. Look how real it is, I mean really look

I just love really seeing the intricate nature of flowers. Actually these flowers are quite small and if I hadn't gotten close I would have never see the beauty of this little flower.

You know, back in the 20' and 30's and many years before that we as people used to put a lot of craftsmanship into our work. Now a day a piece of glass and a piece of steel and you've got a house/building. Not back then, back then things were given details and beauty in there own right. These are sitting on top each of the columns at an old bathing pavilion near Manly beach...

This months self portrait time 2 courtesy of the glass windows...

Out to the harbour through the arches, trying to be artistic???

...and last but not least a sign placed on the footpaths all around the pavilion as there is a penguin colony around this part of the beach. They re usually only here from dusk until dawn but none the less they are around and you never know when one of the little buggers may have overslept and it and has to suddenly run across the footpath to get to the water. It could happen... Anyway, that's all I've got for this month so I hope you enjoyed. See you next month...