31 October 2007

Flowers of the week...

Well it"s that time again and I've been anxiously waiting to show you this weeks edition of "Flowers of the week". The flowers this week are bearded irises. I bought the bulbs down at Salamanca Markets when we first moved here 3 years ago. I bought two colours and the ones I'm going to show you are the only ones that have done well. The other ones which are dark purple and black are growing but have not produced any blooms. We are going to move them after the growing season to see if I can get better results next year but until then I present the ones that have done very well. Enjoy...

28 October 2007

More things you don't and shouldn't know about me...

...but I'm going to tell you anyway. This meme has been making the rounds and even though I'm not writing the whole post I'm at least coming up with the answers and that has to count for something. Right? Oh well even if it doesn't I don't mind because it's the best I'm going to do at this point in time. It is either this or another flower of the week, because we got things blooming left right and center, but mostly in the back yard. I will post new flower pictures in the next day or so. I'm sure the anticipation is going to kill you but until then have fun finding out more sordid details of my life. Mom if you're reading this don't believe every answer I've given. I had to make up a few so that my life sounded a bit more interesting for my loyal readers. As for my loyal readers, all two of you okay maybe there's a few more, it's all true every single answer. Enjoy...

1. Taken a picture completely naked? I don't think I was completely naked but they were. Just kidding but I'm positive I wasn't unless you count the time in answer # 41.
2. Made out with a friend on your MySpace/Facebook page? No I don't even have a MySpace/Facebook page.
3. Danced in front of your mirror naked? Sure doesn't everybody?
4. Told a lie? Maybe once, I mean doesn't everybody? Twice now see I did it again.
5. Had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back? Yes but learned to let it go but at least I had sex with them before I let go.
6. Been arrested? Yes, I was young and foolish.
7. Made out with someone of the same sex? You do know I'm gay right?
8. Seen someone die? Yes, one time to many and I loved them both very much
9. Slept in until 5pm? Not unless I was sick. Oh wait there was that time see # 37
10. Had sex at work? I think I'm going to go with "No comment"
11. Fallen asleep at work/school? Yes at work but it was only a little power nap. That's what I told my boss
12. Held a snake? Hell to the no! I can't even watch them on the television.
13. Ran a red light? Not on purpose
14. Been suspended from school? No.
15. Totalled your car in an accident? Yes and this one is not related to #37.
16. Pole danced? No.
17. Smoked? Yes, for way longer than I want to admit but finally stopped. I still get cravings especially when I'm stressed.
18. Been fired from a job? Yes but it wasn't my fault...really!
19. Sang karaoke? I would not do that to my cat so why would I do it in front of people?
20. Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? Oh please, where would you like me to start?
21. Laughed until a drink came out your nose? Yes and it still isn't funny.
22. Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Yes and thank God it was during a blizzard because I would have never caught the damn thing.
23. Kissed in the rain? Yes and it was very sexy.
24. Sang in the shower? No see # 19.
25. Given your private parts a nickname? If that's what it takes I'll call them what ever you want :) and I probably would anyway because they have been very good to me.
26. Ever gone out without underwear? I did all the time when I was younger but sadly not any more it's just not the same.
27. Sat on a roof top? Not that I can remember
28. Played chicken? No, I've greased up a turkey but that's a different story.
29. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Yes see # 37.
30. Broken a bone? Nope.
31. Mooned/flashed someone? Does streaking while drunk and foolish count or how about drunk and foolish while trying to pick up a date in a bar? Not that I have done that but just wondering if it counts.
32. Shaved your head? Yes, and I will not make that mistake twice
33. Slept naked? Every night and every night I pray to God there isn't a fire because that would be cruel and unfair to our neighbours.
34. Played a prank on someone? Sure isn't that why we have friends?
35. Had a gym membership? Yes, twice and it felt good saying I had one but no one believed me. I mean you have seen me right?
36. Cried over someone you were in love with? See # 8.
37. Taken more than 10 shots of alcohol? I try to forget that time in my life and surprisingly enough it was pretty easy especially during that period.
38. Had sex today? Not yet.
39. Played strip poker? No.
40. Donated Blood? No and couldn't if someones life depended on it, sorry but it's not my rules
41. Video taped yourself having sex? Once again I was young and foolish and it was during that same period as # 37. I'm sure I destroyed that tape, I think???
42. Eaten alligator meat? Yes and it does taste like chicken but tougher.
43. Ever jump out of an airplane? Why would I do that? Of course it could have happened during that time in # 37.
44. Have you been to more than 10 countries? Lets see, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Mexico...nope guess not.
45. Ever wanted to have sex with a platonic friend? Yes and it should have stopped right there because let me tell you..oh umm...hmm...never mind.

24 October 2007

Flowers of the week...

Okay I know it's only been 5 days but I just couldn't wait to share these next flowers. The flowers of the week are roses. We have 20 rose bushes in our yard. They are dispersed throughout the yard both fromn and back we have a couple of climbers and then we have standard ones. I've been told by a garden expert that a few of our roses have been in the yard for more than 50 years. The pictures I'm showing you today come are both climbers. One comes from the front yard and the other one comes from the back yard. Once again I'm amazed how well things grow done here we basically feed these plants twice a year, trim them in winter and keep the aphids at bay. The plants do the rest. All of the other bushes along with the ones these came from are also full of buds but have yet to start blooming. When they do I will probably get pictures to share with you, especially some in the garden itself. Enjoy...

This rose is in the front garden growing on an arch trellis. It has a slight fragrance and if I had to guess I'd say the bush it came from is between 10-20 years old. The bloom itself is as big as my open hand.

(Update: I know it looks like I'm obsessing but I'm really not. Anyway, just to prove my point about how big the bloom is I measured the width of this bloom and it measures 6 inches across. It's huge! Hmmm where have I heard that before)

Next up this rose with it's lovely violet colouring comes from the back yard and is from the bush that we believe to be at least 50 years old. The fragrance from this rose is amazing and these two roses alone can fill the room with their fragrance.

23 October 2007

Playing possum...

While living in Sydney we occasionally saw a ringtail possum in Hyde Park. We currently have two that we know of that love to come into our back yard. I also think that they may the ones that our cat Molly may ne tussling with. I hope not because she will loose. So, one of them was in the backyard last night and in her attempt to climb up our Japanese Maple she knocked over the spot light we have to highlight the tree at night. I only knew she was out there because the light had moved. So we went out with a torch (flash light to the Americans) and sure enough she was at the very top of the tree munching away on the leaves. Now I'm not thrilled that she is eating the new foliage on the tree, but I understand the temptation, after all it is early spring and all of the new growth is young and tender. I don't think she will eat much or at least I hope not. The reason I know it's a she is because she had a baby she carried on her back last year and it's not the baby grown up because it is not as big as this one yet. Anyway, I just thought I'd share a picture with you it was hard to get a picture in the dark but hopefully you can just make her out. you can see her eyes shining in the upper right coner. Enjoy...

20 October 2007

Flowers of the week...

One of the great things about where we live is the fact that flowers grow so well here. They is hardly a time, even in winter tyhat we don't have something blooming in our garden. I'm going to try to do a new on going post called as the titil suggest "Flower of the week" First up are some Peruvian Lilies. Enjoy...

All television all the time...

I stole this from here. Thanks Nathan. The meme is all about television and ask the question what's your favourite. so without further adieu here are my choices. Enjoy...

What are your favourites?

18 October 2007

Music or pictures???

I was going to write about the awful time I'm having with my peripheral neuropathy but decided against seeing that there is nothing that can be done about the pain and it is just something I need to learn to adjust too. I see my doctor on Friday and will ask for additional pain relief. Anyway, as for a different subject, many of you know I'm coming up on a very special birthday in a few weeks and I need to make a decision. Even though my wonderful husband is taking me to Melbourne for an extended shopping trip and to see Priscilla I am also supposed to choose between two big gifts. I have to decide whether I want a new iPod Classic 160G or a digital SLR camera to be specific the Olympus EVOLT E-510.

Now I use my old iPod constantly and it is completely full, in fact I have to constantly take music off to add new music (recently the new Annie Lennox and the new Joni Mitchell). I would definitely use the bigger iPod but as it stands the old one works fine except for the musical chairs I have to play with the content. The new camera on the other hand would be a completely new experience. I love taking photographs but I have never had a professional camera and this digital would be as close as I would get to having a professional camera. I would be very interested in taking some photography classes, because I would have to learn how to use it properly. The whole picture taking thing would be a hobby as I'm sure I would never be good enough to sell any of my photos and that would not be my intent from the start. I wouldn't say no if some one suddenly wanted to buy a photo that I took but I'm not going to actively pursue that thought process.

So the question stands what should I get the iPod or the camera?

14 October 2007

Desktop meme...

Okay, I know it's not original as I stole this from here, here and here but it will have to do. So this is what my current desktop looks like. The wallpaper changes everyday because I like variety. I use the Magentic program to rotate the pictures. I also use their Incredimail program because once again it provides me with variety in my emails. It's a bit of fun and we all need a little fun in our lives. Enjoy...

10 October 2007

Tiptoe through the tulips

We have lived here in Tasmania for three years and each year we always say we are going to go to the Spring Tulip Festival and each year we have been out of town, however this year we finally made it. The festival is held at the Royal Botanic Gardens here in Hobart. We think that Hobart has the best botanic gardens of any gardens in the country. Spring is definitely trying to take hold here down under but not unlike the northern hemisphere spring is struggling to take that hold from old man winter. The festival is a sure sign that spring is winning. Anyway, you can see all the photos here. We also took a few extra photos of flowers in the conservatory and also some of the azaleas that are blooming in the gardens. Enjoy...

8 October 2007

Sleepy now...

Recently a blogger that I read frequently asked the question, "Where do you sleep?". He answered his own question by sharing with his readers an insight into where it is he sleeps. He then asked his readers to post the same on their blog and I am happy to oblige. So without further adieu I present the place where we lie our heads.

The bed, a wood and iron sleigh style bed, is currently covered in it's winter bedding which consists of 100% goose down quilt covered in plaid cotton flannel duvet. Two side tables with matching lamps for bedtime reading, each have a clock and books for that sides occupants. I sleep on the right closest to the fire place, which you'll see in the next picture. The duvet cover changes with the seasons as do the throw pillows. The sheets are all 100% Egyptian cotton and range from 500 -1000 thread count.

In this picture you can see the fireplace which is fitted with a cast iron insert. We don't currently use this fireplace as we don't feel safe with an open fire in the bedroom, but if we did want to use it we would be able to as it is fully functional. This fireplace is one of four that we have in the house. The pictures above the fireplace were a gift from James' parents. They are watercolour's that were drawn by an architect from Bristol who turned artist. The pictures are roughly 100-110 years old. We think they fit perfectly with the age of our house, because as I've mentioned in the past our home is over 115 years old.

An added bonus is the view from our bedroom window, which sits at the front of the house. We look down on the harbour. It's a little hard to see but hopefully my pictures will get better as I'm about to get a new digital SLR camera, so hopefully all further pictures will not only be higher quality, but maybe even a bit artistic as I explore my photographic eye.

Anyway, there you have it, a quick insight into where we sleep. Enjoy...

4 October 2007

I'm yummy...

Again with a bit of fun and a huge amount of laziness on my part. Enjoy...

You Are a Chocolate Chip Cookie

Traditional and conservative, most people find you comforting.

You're friendly and easy to get to know. This makes you very popular - without even trying!