30 November 2006


Support World AIDS Day

On December 1 buy a red ribbon to support the fight against HIV. Thank you...

29 November 2006

Nuclear mutation

I know I've written about the flowers down here around our house and I've shown you tons of photos. I have to share the latest photo from our garden. I swear there must be something in the soil here. I mean the roses grow like they have been exposed to radiation. They are huge!!!

25 November 2006

ABC according to me...

I saw this over at CityWoof, who got it from here. I thought I would give it a go and I think I did okay but after looking at it I may have taken it a bit serious. Anyway, here is my list:

A is for Anthony, which is my full name
B is for Books, I never have enough time to read
C is for Cat, our Molly-Brown
D is for Dad, I miss him
E is for Erin, my daughter
F is for Friends and Family, which I'm thankfully for
G is for Gifts, I like giving and receiving
H is for Hobart, our home
I is for Intuition, I wish I listened to mine more
J is for James, my husband whom I adore
K is for Kylie, my granddaughter
L is for Love, which I'm grateful to be in
M is for Mum, for whom I worry about
N is for Neuropathy, which cause me grief
O is for Oxycontin, which provides me relief
P is for Pain, which I deal with
Q is for Quitting, for thinking about it and finding another way
R is for Real, deciding what is and what isn't and keeping it that way
S is for Surviving, all that I have/will go through
T is for Travel, which I/we plan to do more of...
U is for Understanding, which I try to do
V is for Virus, which I can never forget
W is for Wine, it does a heart good
X is for Xanax, happy I don't need it anymore
Y is for Youth, been there done that
Z is for Zippers, which always get stuck

Give it a try and and let me know how you go...

24 November 2006


I just wanted to wish all of my friends and family in the US a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have/had a great day full of good food and laughter.

20 November 2006

Before and after...

Once again time is my enemy so until that is no longer the case which I will talk about in a few days. I wanted to share some before and after pictures of our lounge (living) room since we got our new furniture and had the room painted. No I know the furniture looks a bit old fashioned but you must remember we live in a house that is over 115 years old so having some new sleek modern design just would have looked way out of place and to be honest modern is not me. Anyway, here are a couple before and after pictures mainly in association with the room colour.





I know this is as boring as watching paint dry but I needed to write something until I can find time to be a bit more creative. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the pictures and I look forward to being able to write more in the next few days/weeks.

8 November 2006

Another year older and a tad wiser...

Happy birthday to Me! Happy birthday to Me! Happy birthday to Me!

Well, I made it through another year and at this time of year I always think back to 1986 when I found out I was HIV-positive and at that time we were told we only had a short time to live and here I am 20 years later still alive and kickin'. I couldn't be happier to be getting older. I know lots of people hate getting old but I cherish getting older and I except every creak of my bones, wrinkle in my face, sag of my tummy and every white hair because I damn well earned them and I never thought I would every get the chance to but I did!

So here's to how many ever more years are in store for me. All I know is that I will continue to enjoy everyday of my life and not piss it away because as they say "Life is to damn short"

Have a great day everyone I know I will....