12 October 2011

12 of 12 October 2011

Hello peoples, yes it's 12 of 12 time of the month and for me it's the closest thing to a post you're going to get at the moment. So, all I can say is enjoy the pictures. I just walked around the city once again this month not unlike past months. I hope that this months pictures are varied enough to pass as totally different pictures from past 12 of 12 pictures. As always I have to tip my hat to the creator of this project, a man how goes by the name of Chad and you can visit his site here You can also check out the list of other people who participate in 12 of 12. There are some brilliant photographers out there so please take the time to have a look at some of the other participants. I'm sure you will find something to your liking. Until next time as I said ENJOY...

(p.s. - I don't know what's wrong with Blogger but, some of the photos can be accessed in there larger forms by clicking on them and others can't. Beats the heck out of me. I've tried fixing the problem but have had no luck so my apologies in advance.)

To start out just a bit old Sydney and a convenient water supply on a hot day.

Captain Cook played and important role in the discovery and colonisation of Australia. Captain Cook charted the Australian east coast in his ship HM Barque Endeavour. Cook claimed the east coast under instruction from King George III of England on 22 August 1770 at Possession Island, naming eastern Australia 'New South Wales'. I currently live in the state of New South Wales in which the city of Sydney sits.

Sydney Tower - Centrepoint is Sydney tallest free standing structure. It is one of those towers you can go up to the top and get a 360 view of Sydney and like most other towers there is a restaurant for a lovely candlelight dinner or even a wonderful sun afternoon. It is also part of Sydney newest shopping mall.

A very tall flowering plant but unfortunately that's all I know and all I am able to say about it. Next picture please...

Just a pretty lateen hanging in the park near the food festival. There are lamps and twinkle lights all over the place. It makes for a very pretty night time experience whilst attending the food festival.

The city is a flurry of displays and exhibits and festivals and lets just say it's all happening here at the moment. This little display is part of the awning the is over one of the entrances the the Sydney Food Festival.

At this time of the year there is a project called Art and About that has all of this art displays and exhibits along with other types of performances. this is just a part of a larger installation. If you go to the website it will explain this piece.

It's almost summer here in the land down under and all around the city they placed all of these containers for flowers to celebrate this time of the year. So there are displays like this everywhere with colour to fill your eyes and imagination..

One of many lovely parks to sit and read a book or eat your lunch, since this in the middle of the city

A lovely statue that if I am not mistaken is the goddess Athena. I could be wrong because it looks like she wants to talk and negotiate a treaty.

Just the ground floor of another old building shopping centre not unlike the one I took last time at the Queen Victoria Building. We have regular modern malls but these are just way cooler.