27 June 2009

Facebook and Twitter...

Well, it seems that everyone is playing on either Facebook and/or Twitter and now that includes me. My niece contacted me a week or so ago wanting to share some family pictures with me but she had them on Facebook and I wasn't a member of Facebook. So to see the pictures, I had to join. I actually re-joined as I canceled my previous account as I was not getting a whole lot out of the program. However this time, after I re-joined, I come to find almost my entire family is using Facebook. So it now seems to be the way to keep up with one another with the odd email.

As for Twitter, I joined it today mostly to see what I could do with it. One of the great things is I can update the feed from my mobile, something I can't do from Facebook. I know Facebook offers the option but just not for those of us living in Australia. Anyway, I've only made three post but will make many more as the days come and go. I can see why people can become addicted to Twitter. It's very instant gratification.

You will find link to both my Facebook account and my Twitter account in the column to you right if you're interested. We will see how far this goes and I'll let you know. Until then take care and enjoy...

23 June 2009

Benefit with no benefit....

On July 1 2009 new laws will come into place here in Australia that will recognise same-sex partners for various legal reasons. Now this isn't a same-sex marriage thing for as in on the states the Prime Minister here also believes marriage is to remain between a man and a women. However, as I said for legal reason some 100 plus laws and rules will be amended to address same-sex couples. In many cases what will happen is that same-sex couples will be recognised as a de-facto couple not unlike a heterosexual couple who are not married but claim to have an ongoing relationship. These new rules cover things like superannuation (aka retirement funds) which will now allow the partner of a deceased partner have access and be directly entitled to those funds without the need of any legal paperwork. Partners will have access to the deceased partners pension (aka social security). The same goes for things like partners rights in hospitals etc.

There is a hitch with all of these new entitlements. Since, I started looking for work at the beginning of the year the government has been giving me a fortnightly allowance to help tide me over while I look for a job. Well, with the start of new rules as of July 1 I will have to claim the next fortnight as a de-facto couple and as such the allowance will then be means tested against income and assets of both partners. That was okay when it was just me as I don't own anything but that will now change. The cutoff of allowed assets and salaries etc is $700,000.00 and since hubby will now have to declare and since we/he owns both of our homes outright (no mortgages) and if you add together the median values of the two houses we our over the limit and we haven't even added the income from renting the one house or hubby's salary or the assets inside the house, the car (also paid for) and so on. So, although we will gain some benefits I will loose some benefits. I will receive one last payment and now I'm looking for work with out the safety net. The law giveth and the law taketh away.

18 June 2009


It's that time of the year agin. What time of the year is it you might ask? Well, it's that time of the year that we celebrate all that is cold, snowy and penguin at the the Antarctic Midwinter Festival

The next nine days is filled with all sorts of fun and interesting things. There is a photo contest, a film festival amongst other things and of course the penguins (some real and some not so real) So, I wanted to let you all know about the festival in case you wanted to pop in and join in the fun. Now if you aren't able to join us then at least visit the festival website and enjoy the photos and get a look at some of the things we'll be doing for the next few days.

Also as a side note in reference to some of the questions about my last 12 of 12.

Chocolate tea tastes like it sounds except it's tea. You might think it would taste like a watery hot chocolate but it is totally different. when you drink it you know you're drinking tea but it just happens to have a hint of chocolate which is just enough to soothe those chocoholic cravings.

The candle light picture is a candle holder that hubby bought me. the pattern on the outside of the top is etched into the pottery but it is done in reverse so from the outside with no candle it look a bit odd but once you put the candle in you see it's secret

The patterns are the top of an outside table top and the other one is the back of a chair.

12 June 2009

12 of 12 June 2009

This is the 12 of 12 post which is the brainchild of this man. As per the rules I've taken 12 pictures on the 12th day of the month and posted them here for your enjoyment. So here's my 12 of 12 for June. I had to rush and take some of the pictures at the end of the day. I was trying to finish an application for yet another job and also trying to get things together for going to Sydney in the morning. I'm seeing my neurologist on Monday to have a review of my feet and the neuropathy. It's getting worse again so I don't know what we will have to do from this point we shall see what we shall see.

One quick note about the photo the picture of our fridge I had to take over as it came out wrong so the dating says it was taken before the last one and so it was. Anyway, Enjoy the photos and I'll check in on Tuesday. Enjoy...

As it's winter here I have to turn on the light when I get up so here is a close-up of one of our lamps

I need my morning cup of tea and this one was with a difference

As I said it is winter so it is very bleak out. Also this is the same tree that you saw last 12 of 12 through my back doors with all the fall leaves on it.

I just liked this pattern. Can you tell what it is from? No the pattern it self but the whole thing.

Another pattern picture. So another guess for you.

The obligatory date and weather check-in

I feel exactly as the card says.

Pizza for dinner. As you can see there wasn't much left.

Fridays movie, we have a very eclectic collection of movies.

Our boarding pass printed and ready to go.

Just a little pretty thrown in because I can

Packing for the trip tomorrow and then it's to bed

So that's it for 12 of 12 for June 2009. and now I need to go to bed as 5:00 rolls around way to soon. See you next time and until then take care and enjoy...

11 June 2009

To Facebook or not to Facebook...

...that is the question. Well at least the one currently on my mind. My niece recently (yesterday) sent me an invitation to see some pictures that she posted to her Facebook account. I being the ever curious uncle went over to have a sticky beak (Australian for being nosey) and see the pictures but when I got there I found out I needed to join Facebook in order to see the pictures. Now, I used to have a Facebook account some time ago, but deleted that account because I never really spent enough time with it to keep my interest and there was very little interaction with the few friends I had as contacts. However, this time it looks like it will be different. After signing up and then being directed to my niece's pictures I then had another sticky beak around her facebook page. I came to realised that she was linked to several of my family members, including my mother. Who knew? Apparently everyone but me.

So, I've spent the last day and a half setting up the account and having a look around as to what I could do with the account. I'm suddenly feeling like I'm being drawn into the whole Facebook thing, which is just like me. Of course I'm always late to the party. What I mean by that I finally get interested in something just as everyone else is in the been there done that mode and moving on to the next thing aka Twitter. Hell, I didn't get an iPod until years after they came on the market. Blogging was the same story. Anyway, I'm going to give Facebook another go and we shall see where it leads me. So, if you want to become a friend on Facebook just look me up and send me an invitation. If you can't find me, leave a comment here with an email addy or logged into blogger or send me an email if you already have my address. I'll then be glad to add you to my list. Until next time take care and enjoy...

9 June 2009

Very interesting...

I wrote a post that asked readers to submit questions that they would like answers to in reference to my life. I called it "What's up Wednesday". The first Wednesday I got three question from two readers. The next week I got nothing. Then shortly after I wrote a post in which I threw a little tannty (aka in Australian for tantrum) and then I get five comments all telling me not to go and to not feel bad or take it personal that I don't get comments. To be honest, I really don't take it personal. I just find it interesting that when I ask people to ask questions to find out things that they might not know about me, no one asks. But when I suddenly throw a little tannty everyone is worried and concerned. I'm very confused. However, I do want to say that a heartfelt thank you to those of you that left the comments after my little explosion as well as thank you to those that sent emails. I appreciate your support and concern.

I think that this whole blogging experience can be very difficult and sometimes way to personal. In some ways we feel as if we can write anything because we are shielded by thousands of miles of electronic cables and equipment which in reality protects who we are. We can tell people all sorts of things and the readers then have to take aboard what they read with the belief that what they have read is true. There have been cases and I'm sure there still are that entire blogs are complete lies and fairy tales. (I will tell you here and now mine is not one and I can provide references)

Now, for those people whose blogs are written from the truth it can sometimes be very painful as they sometimes write about things in their life that only a few know about and suddenly there it is for the whole world to see. You might say "Why did they write it?", and I can only assume that once again because there identity is seemingly safe they felt that they could finally unload parts of there life that they have bottled up and by writing about those things they shared it with millions. As it has been said that a problem shared is halved well can you imaging what it's like shared with millions. (you do the math).

What I'm trying to get at is I believe that bloggers (myself included) sometimes get all tangled up in their blogs. They worry about not writing everyday. They worry about not writing witty posts and of course there are those that worry that no one leaves comments. How can we change that? We can't and nor should we. Blogging is a matter of choices. We choose what we want to write about. We choose what pictures we want to share. We choose what headlines we want to add our two cents worth and discuss or promote. It's all about choices and what we want our blog to be about and not what other people want. I've always known this and I don't know why I popped a pupil when no one seemed interested in my life. I mean let's be real why should they? They don't know me next to Joe down the street. There is no physicality to the relationship/friendship hence it's difficult to make it real because we have actually never met, seen or touched. All we have is what that person (I've) has written. So from the writers (mine) perspective the best we (I) can do is write what we (I) want and when we (I) want. If anyone wants to read what we've (I've) written they can and if they don't that's okay because as I said it's all about the choices, and those choices are mine and I do for myself. Until next time take care and enjoy...

PS For those of you that do come along for the ride I appreciate your company.

6 June 2009

Bye, Bye....

...that is to What's up Wednesday. It seems that no one gives a damn about my life or to be fair no one really cares about who I am, what I've done or where I'm headed. So that little experiment is done and over. I must realise that seeing that the first installment of WUW only garnered me 3 question from a total of two people, than maybe I really only have two people that read this blog not including the lurkers. Anyway, I'm done with WUW and will try to see if I can find another way to entice some response from you people. Until then take care and enjoy.

2 June 2009


A fellow blogger over at Rambling Along with a Stern Point of View runs a challenge each June correlating with Gay Pride month. Now even though I no longer live in the states I am still an American and I also believe in equality. So, from way over here in the land down under I throw my support behind Kelly and all the other people living in the US and for that matter around the world who should never have to be ashamed of who they are nor should they ever be made to feel that they are any less than any other individual. Every one should be treated equally and fairly. So this is for all of you, Kelly, my partner and myself.

We have come along way,

but still have a long way to go.

Thanks to all those who have paved the way,

Some even gave their lives...

Keep their fight alive...

We won't forget!!

Banner photo...

As June 1st marks the official start of the three month winter season I thought I would ad a bit of winter to the blog. As some of you may know and for those of you that don't. The picture in the banner is of Mt. Wellington here in Hobart and I took the picture from our front verandah (porch). Anyway, nothing else much going on here still looking for work and all that rot. I'm still waiting for questions You've only got today and if there aren't anymore question well then "What's up Wednesday goes in the bin. Until Wednesday tale care and enjoy...