28 December 2004

Tragedy in Asia

The Tsunamia's that have struck various areas in SE Asia have taken many lives. I would have never thought that this tragedy would affect me but we have a dear friend who went over to Phuket for Christmas and as of yet we have been unable to ascertain if they are alright. We will keep trying to get some information from various friends and relatives.

24 December 2004

20 December 2004

The House

I keep talking about the new house so I thought I'd put a picture in. This is of course the front of the house. The house was built in the 1890's but has recently been renovated. I'll see if there are any others of any interest and put them up later.

Bad timing

Just got an e-mail from a dear friend and in the e-mail they have surprised me with the fact that they are planning a trip to come down and see our new home. That's fantastic but there is a slight problem, it seems that the same day they made reservations to come here my partner had made reservations to fly back to Sydney for a birthday party on the same weekend my friend has planned to come down here. They say great minds think alike but in this case they may have been thinking alike but they weren't communicating very well. If the minds in question were so great wouldn't they have realized they were planning for the same weekend. Not to say that either of them doesn't have a great mind and neither are psychic but talk about bad timing! Anyway, hopefully my friend can do some date changes as we can't change the birthday plans.

19 December 2004

Sunday morning...

It's early Sunday morning and it's raining on and off. I hope we get a good amount of rain as we need it. We have just moved into our new house as of two weeks ago and the garden could do with a good soaking. I have been watering a bit by hand and it seems to be helping at least in the flower beds but the lawn is another story. I wonder why somethings seem to grow better than others??? I'll post some pictures soon in case anyone is interested. Time to go and read the paper and have some breakfast. Such is life.....

18 December 2004

Starting out

This is my first post and we will have to see how things go from here. I have intentions of looking at life/things around me and trying to figure out what makes these things "normal". I've always had this thought/idea that things were supposed to be "normal" but have never really found out what "normal" is supposed to be by definition. Is "normal" a concept, a reality or just a definition and if "normal" is any or all of those things is it so by who's definition and do we apply that definition to our life as a concept and or reality of being normal?

Is "normal" a concept, a reality or just a definition...