20 December 2004

Bad timing

Just got an e-mail from a dear friend and in the e-mail they have surprised me with the fact that they are planning a trip to come down and see our new home. That's fantastic but there is a slight problem, it seems that the same day they made reservations to come here my partner had made reservations to fly back to Sydney for a birthday party on the same weekend my friend has planned to come down here. They say great minds think alike but in this case they may have been thinking alike but they weren't communicating very well. If the minds in question were so great wouldn't they have realized they were planning for the same weekend. Not to say that either of them doesn't have a great mind and neither are psychic but talk about bad timing! Anyway, hopefully my friend can do some date changes as we can't change the birthday plans.

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mar said...

Ok. It's too late to try and work out how to do this thing. Hello dudey! it's me. I'm on the net at 11.45pm trying to look for examples in Spanish to translate "pull back the foreskin". The things I do... and while doing that I remembered your email talking about this site and i thought I'll check it quickly. I was meant to reply to the other window (where you say that great minds think alike) but ended up on the definition of nomality. What do i know about that? Anyway, lots to tell you. Will definitely book accommodation tomorrow and call you with the goss soon. Now I better get some sleep. Gotta a bit of a day ahead tomorrow. Hugs