26 January 2005

Waiting for the rain

It's been really hot here in Tasmania (32C) and because it usually is a temperate (20+ C) we have really been feeling the heat. Lucky for us the humidity isn't to bad which would make it so much worse. We are supposed to have a thunderstorm this afternoon and it is trying to build as I type. I hope we get a fair bit of rain as we need it. We have also been doing a lot of domestic stuff around the new house like planting rose bushes and we even had to repair a wall on the outside as a cement fixture the old owners had attached to a garden wall fell down the other day and put a hole through the existing wall. We have found that we can both be very "butch" so to speak. The whole repair experience made us both feel really good and a gave us a real sense of accomplishment. On another note I'm still going to the gym every other day and I guess it is starting to pay off as I have lost 4kg since starting 7 weeks ago. Yeah me!

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