4 October 2005

The Big Smoke...

We've been in Sydney all this past weekend. We went to see a long standing friend before she departs for the land of the long white cloud (New Zealand). She is originally from NZ but she moved to Australia about eleven years ago. She has decided to move back to NZ as here family is there and she feels it's time for a reconnect and also a bit of a slower pace wouldn't hurt. I understand this thought process as that's one of the reasons we moved to Tasmania from Sydney. We'd had just enough of the in your face behaviour that Sydney can provide on a daily basis. This past weekend once again solidified our reason for moving even though we didn't need a validation.

Don't get me wrong, Sydney has some GREAT things and places to see but I just don't want to live in a city where it feels like I'm constantly on the GO! Anyway, I just want to wish out dear friend all the best and I hope all works out just fine for her. Besides I owe her a lot as it was her that I met online so many years ago while I was living in Texas and when my partner passed away it was her that flew half way across the world to help me. She's always been a real friend and in many ways she is a member of my family. Funny though how I ended up here and now she's going home. Hmm wonder if I will ever go home? Thing is I feel as I am home now!

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