27 April 2006

We're going to Cradle Mountain

One of the key destinations here in Tasmania is Cradle Mountain and after visiting the island several times and of course now living here for over a year we are finally going to visit this renowned place.

We've booked a two bedroom cabin for a 3 day weekend and we are traveling up there with our friends Wayne and Lee. It's good to take a couple of bears along when you are heading up to the mountains and woods.

This time of year can be very unpredictable as we can get snow just about anytime. We have had a bit of snow on Mt Wellington twice already this year. I've been told that Cradle Mountain was covered just recently. We all like the snow and cold weather so it wouldn't be such a bad thing for there to be a bit of snow. Fingers crossed and we will see a bit of this...

...But even if we don't we will enjoy the rest and the time with friends. We plan to take lots of pictures drink lots of good Tassie wine and eat wonderful Tassie food that we are going to stock up on before we leave. I'll post some pictures when we get back but until then here is one more for the road.


Cin said...

We definitely want to add this the list for our next trip, looks amazing. Have a wonderful time!!!!!
Love, Us

Moys said...

Hey guys,
Just checking in. The photos look fabulous! I am sure I will hear all about James little "misadventure" soon!!! Glad you are both home safe and well.