25 May 2006

I'm being tested

So I went in to get my eyes checked yesterday and ordered a new set of glasses. That all went well and I like they new frames I have picked out. I should get them in about two weeks. I promise to post a new picture when I get them. Now while I was having my eyes checked the doctor asks me "How long have you had that growth on the bottom of your eyelid?" I said funny you should ask seeing that I only recently noticed the growth about two weeks ago. Well it seems that upon investigation by the doctor he says that the growth is full of blood vessels and he thinks I should have an eye surgeon have a look. Bottom line is it may be a tiny skin cancer.

I am being tested. I have been tested before and I always seem to come out the other side albeit not totally unscathed but I do survive. So I will go see the surgeon on the 15 June and if it is a bit of cancer then we will do what we need to do to get rid if it. So many times before in my life it's just something else to deal with and deal with it I will.

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CityWOOF said...

I'll be thinking about you, hope it's not cancer. Had a little cancer scare of my own recently, and it turned out to be nothing. You'll be ok, but anytime a doctor says the "C" word, it does freak a person out for sure!