15 August 2006

Signed, sealed and almost delivered...

I had my citizenship interview this morning and it went well. It took thirty minutes and at the end of that thirty minutes I got approved. I will have to get an official letter of approval which should come in the next few days. The next and final step is that I will need to attend a swearing in ceremony which is scheduled for the 17 September, which also happens to be Australian Citizenship Day. Once I attend that ceremony I'll get my official paperwork and then I can apply for my passport. As I have said before it has taken James and I a long eight years but it is finally with in sight and it has been so worth it....

Oh one thing, when I was asked to recite the rights and responsibilities for an Australian citizen I did fine except I forgot one responsibility. Which one is that you might ask???

Responsibility to
1)obey all the laws

That was probably a bad one for me to forget but the woman doing the interview promoted me by saying it's something we should all do in every country which then I remembered. Oh well no one's perfect.

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mark said...

Wow, eight long years?

Congrats on your new citizenship!