6 August 2006

Step one...

Ok, so I filled in my application for citizenship yesterday and paid my $120.00. Now I have to get our friend to come over today, which he is, and fill out a form that says I am who I say I am. Then once that is signed sealed and delivered, I will call the regional immigration office here in Hobart on Monday to make a interview time where I will have to recite the rights and responsibilities of being an Australian citizen. They are:

Privileges of Australian Citizens

It entitles you to privileges of Australian citizenship giving you the right to:

* live in Australia
* apply for an Australian passport and to leave and re-enter Australia without applying for a resident return visa
* seek assistance from Australian diplomatic representatives while overseas
* vote to help elect Australia's governments
* stand for Parliament
* work in the public service
* serve in the armed forces
* register as Australian citizens by descent any of your children born overseas after you become an Australian citizen.

Responsibilities of Australian Citizens

Citizenship also brings with it responsibilities. For example, citizens are required to:

* obey Australian laws
* enrol on Federal and state/territory electoral registers
* vote in elections
* defend Australia should the need arise
* serve on a jury if called to do so.

I can do that... After the interview if I don't forget one of the things above I will then be told when the next swearing in ceremony will be and all I have to do is wait and show up un the day. I can also do that... So on the step two the interview...

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