21 September 2006

The penny has dropped...

Well as they say the penny has finally dropped and it's all coming to an end. Remember a couple of posts ago when I told you all the crap that was going on in our lives? Well, let's recap and see how we faired.

1) James' mum has just gone through surgery for bowel cancer and is about to start a 12 week course of Chemotherapy.

James' mum is doing better although she hasn't started the chemo because she needs to build up a bit more strength we think she will be just fine. James has been going up to see her and just came back so again she'll be okay.

2) We had to put our cat Max down a week ago because he had feline perotonitis, which he apparently had for some time and we failed to see the signs.

We grieved and then we got a new cat. I posted pictures of her and her name is Molly-Brown. There is a catch. It seems that when we took her in to have here spaying stitches taken out we find out that Molly is one in a 1000 as she is actually a hermaphrodite. She has boy and girl bits. She is a start and has had her photo taken and all sorts of lab tests done. What can I say, see what happens when homosexuals breed.

3) I started a new medication that is supposed to help offset the pain in my feet related to peripheral neuropathy. It took my 8 weeks two get up to the full dose of 8 pills a day added to my already 8 pills a day so I now am taking 16 pills and the damn new pills aren't working sufficiently enough for me to stop taking the pain medication (oxycontin it's like percodan) that I had to start taking, So now I have to go on therapeutic pain management and it will probably be for life. Great! (not really because I hate walking around in a haze)

I'm still in a haze

4) As I said my dad is very sick and could die at any moment and because I'm on the other side of the world I'm in a quandary as to what I will do when the phone call comes...And it will. You see I've just gotten my Australian citizenship approved and I have to go to a swearing in ceremony on the 17th September. I HAVE to attend the ceremony or I don't get my citizenship. I don't know what I am going to do!

I got my Australian citizenship early thanks to the department. They were nice enough to do a private ceremony just for me. I am grateful to them for their efforts. I also am now the holder of an Australian passport so I can come and go as I please.

5) James went to Sydney last week to visit with his mum before she starts her chemo and while he was there he did his taxes. Come to find out we now have a $140,000 tax bill because we sold one of the houses we owned in Sydney. BTW we don't have that kind of money sitting in the bank. Just kill me now!

Lets just say we are about to pay this bill and don't how!

6) I find out that some bright, intelligent astronomy types have decide to take Planet status away from Pluto just because it's to far away for them to bother..What the hell is up with that? (Ok this last one is not such a big deal but for some reason it just gets to me)

I've totally forgotten about this.....

7) And last but very not least...My dad has been in ICU for over four weeks and is basically on the brink of death and because I live on the other side of the world I feel helpless.

My dad passed away yesterday morning after a very long battle with emphysema. James and I will be flying to the states in a few days to spend time with my mum.

So I'm hoping that this vicious cycle we/I have been in is now at it's end because I need to have a small emotional breakdown now so that I can get on with our life and try to restart to enjoy what is good in our life!

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