20 December 2006

Some people just piss me off!!!

Over 40 million people infected with HIV with over 25 million dead and there is this fool in Perth Australia who claims to be a scientist and she says this:

Expert witness says HIV does not exist

A Perth medical researcher has told an Adelaide court that Africa does not have an AIDS crisis because HIV does not exist.

Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos has told the South Australian Court of Criminal Appeal that no one had proven that HIV exists.

Ms Papadopulos-Eleopulos is a witness in the appeal case of Andre Chad Parenzee, 35, who was convicted on January 31 this year of endangering the lives of three women.

Parenzee had unprotected sex with the women, knowing he was HIV-positive.

One of the women, a mother of two, became infected with HIV while the other two tested negative to the virus.

Parenzee's lawyer, Kevin Borick, QC, argues Parenzee could not have committed the crimes because HIV does not exist.

Under cross examination from Prosecutor Sandi McDonald, Ms Papadopulos-Eleopulos, a medical engineer from Royal Perth Hospital, dismissed recent World Health Organisation and United Nations reports that outline the world AIDS epidemic.

Ms Papadopulos-Eleopulos said there was no published reports that conclude HIV exists or could be linked to AIDS.

The 5,000 people who signed the Durban Declaration in 2000, which says AIDS was an epidemic in Africa, linked to HIV and spread by sexual contact, were backed by politicians, not scientists, she said.

"I am a scientist, I look for science - I do not look for consensus," she told the court.

"There is no massive epidemic of HIV infections because no one has proven it."

Ms Papadopulos-Eleopulos denied she was appearing at the case to gain publicity for her theories and her research organisation, the Perth Group.

The Perth Group, which Ms Papadopulos-Eleopulos heads, believes there is no link between HIV and AIDS.

Parenzee's appeal application continues on Wednesday before Justice John Sulan.

Sourced: here

I understand everyone has the right to their own opinion but this kind of rhetoric is ridiculous considering that after 25 years and still counting this epidemic is still going strong and people continue to be infected and die every day! Also how does she want to explain what I have been dealing with personally for the past 21 years? These pundits are all around and have been for years and all they do is spout this disillusioned theroy when there is more scientific evidence then you can shake a stick at and even if there wasn't it doesn't matter as people are still living with HIV and many are still dying. End of statement! So this kind of rhetoric is for a lack of better words Bull Shit!

Anyway, I'm emotional and I should breathe deep. I just don't know what to say but if you want to read more about this group, this woman and their deranged ideology; you can write to them and you can find them here

P.S. If someone wants to disagree with me. DON"T. I have the right to my opinion too and besdies I'm not in the mood!

P.P.S. I've learned that this woman and her group have claimed since 1988 that HIV has never been fully isolated; as such she is among the best-known AIDS dissidents. I've also learned that she has no academic appointment and newspaper accounts have also indicated that she does not hold a doctorate even though she claims the title of Doctor; her highest academic degree is in fact a Bachelor of Science. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eleni_Papadopulos-Eleopulos


drpsduke said...

Just because she doesn't know anything about virology or epidemiology, does not prevent her from being paid to testify as an "expert witness" in court. In some countries it is illegal to tell lies in court. Is it illegal in Australia???

TJ said...

Albeit illegal in Australia to tell lies whilst under oath in a court of law. I still maintain that her (Ms Papadopulos-Eleopulo) lack of knowledge makes her credibility questionable. Within the constraints of this case she states "there was no published reports that conclude HIV exists or could be linked to AIDS". The overwhelming evidence says that HIV/AIDS does exist and we also know that one of the ways it is transmistted from one host to another is via un-proected sexual intercourse.

I am not making any judgement on this case only an observation of one of it's witnesses whose credibility or lack there of is dubious at best.

It is also a law in Australia that if some-one is HIV positive they must take all reasonable means to protect their sexual partners, and if they do not they can be held accountable by law.

FreakyObserver said...

what you need to understand is an 'expert witness' is just someone who is paid by one side or the other. whether their opinions, theories, or notions are for real or not means nothing. the term 'expert witness' is just a way to impress the uneducated citizens of the jury. its a dirty practice.

it pisses me off too and i think that woman should be sued for such a comment. the attourney who hired her should be disbarred, and if he was aquitted it should be ruled a mistrial. either way though, if he's done it once, he'll do it again, and then, maybe he can be hung.

Anonymous said...

There are two sides two every story. The Perth Group is far from the only organization that questions the HIV hypothesis and AIDS dogma. You can get more information at www.rethinkingaids.com

Anonymous said...

Randall J. Scalise (PhD Physics) said:

HIV causes AIDS. The evidence is in peer-reviewed medical journals.
The deniers can't show you any evidence published this way. They can only
tell you anecdotal stories and insult your intelligence.

Over 5000 MDs and PhDs (real PhDs) signed the Durban Declaration
stating that AIDS is caused by HIV.

Follow the link below to learn the truth about HIV, AIDS, and the deniers.