13 August 2007

A snapshot of New Zeland...

The pictures of New Zealand are now up on Flickr for your viewing pleasure. I could not do the different places we visited justice so in case you want to know or see a bit more of where we visited the you can find out more at these links:

New Zealand
Lake Taupo
Huka Falls
Hawkes Bay

To learn about Whakarewarewa "The Thermal Village" go here


Lewis said...

It has always been weird to me how you can be actually looking at THE most amazing scene....and then you put your camera up to your eye and something happens...it's not at all what you're experiencing. Weird, that way.

CJ said...

Thanks for sharing your trip in pics. All bundled up in August, difficult to fathom here in Texas today. Great pics and glad you made it home safely.

DiamondFistWerny said...

The pictures are beautiful, IMHO