31 August 2007

We're off...

...to Brisbane that is. We will be gone for a few days visiting and old friend that we have not seen for a while. She actually lives in Mooloolaba but Brisbane is a closer airport. This trip is one of several we will be taking over the next few months. I'm sure I mentioned the trips in an earlier post but if not here's a quick reminder:

September - Brisbane
October - Melbourne
November - Melbourne (x1) and Sydney (x2)

Now I know that these aren't huge getaway's but none the less it gets us out of the house. If we take any pictures I'll be sure to post them. Maybe we'll get lucky on our last night in Brisbane as we are staying at the Conrad Treasury Hotel and Casino. Until then I'll post something next week when we get back.


Ur-spo said...

since i have never been to any of those places, they all sound fab to me!

Sorted Lives said...

I wished I was going to these great cities. Have fun!