9 September 2007

I've been here, there and almost everywhere

Summer is over or at least it is in the northern hemisphere. I am extremely bored and lazy today and the best I can come up with is this map of the United States that represents all of the places I've been to while on vacation. I actually ended up living in a few of those states (Texas, Louisiana and Michigan). As if you really wanted to know that. Anyway with out further adieu here's my map:

create your own personalized map of the USA

Of the states that are missing the only ones that I would really like to still visit are, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Maine and Vermont. On the last two, how I spent all that time in New England and never got to them I'll never know. So, where have you been?

That's it for my Sunday. I'll be back later in the week with more riveting, mind-numbing, provocative and extremely well versed posts. (Really I will... Oh hell who am I kidding, look I'll try my best okay?)

Until then take care and stay well...

1 comment:

CJ said...

I've missed Vermont and Maine also. I would love to go to Vermont this time of year but it is so expensive and crowded. If that's possible?