18 September 2008

We're not friends any more...

...and no I'm not talking about you, my dear blog friends and readers. I'm talking about friends that hubby and I made recently since we moved here to Tasmania. We knew members of our new friends family when we lived up in Sydney and we where happy to meet the new members of this extended family down here in Tasmania. Recently due to behaviour and habits exhibited by our friends in public that hubby and I find objectionable we can no longer be friends with our new acquaintances. In fact we will be going through extreme measures to cut these friends completely out of our lives. I'm sorry to do this but it has to be done. They made their bed and now they're going to lie in it.

Hubby and I are not hateful or vindictive people but our new friends have pushed us to the limits. We have been open and genuine with them and they have turned around and used our friendship for their own good. They have tricked us and now they are actually starting to abuse us. Granted it's not physical but it might as well be. The abuse is more mental and emotional and they are tearing us up inside because we truly thought that we could be friends and share some part of our lives but apparently they just wanted to use us.

I have actually told you about these friends a few months back. I told you how happy we were to meet them and how excited we were to have them in our lives. Well that's all changed and now it's time for them to go Just to jog your memory here's a picture of our friends.

Yes, that's right our cute little fiends the possums. They are visiting us now on a nightly basis. I say they because there are at least four of them that come to visit. There are two males and female with a baby on her back. They are still cute to look at and even though they look adorable and cuddly we know that they are not and we never tried to get that close. The thing that has strained our relationship to the breaking point is that during their nightly visit to our backyard they have decided that it is their mission to destroy our 15 year old Japanese Maple which I've shown you before here. They are eating all of the new leaves that are coming out due to the fact that it is spring here. The tender little leaves of the Maple tree are apparently a delicacy to hard to resit for our past friends.

We don't hate them so much as to hurt them. We would and never could do such a thing but I tell you what I'm getting pretty damn close to hurting something if they don't get out of my tree! We bought a product from the local nursery called Poss-off (get it Poss-off Piss-off cute huh?) which is supposed to make the leaves that have been sprayed taste bitter to the possum and as such they will move on to better tasting trees. We used the product a couple of nights and it seemed to work but the possums realised that we could only reach so far from the ground while spraying the leaves of the tree and that the leaves up higher had not been sprayed leaving them sweet and tender just they way they like them.

We have spent the past two nights out in our back yard spraying the intruders with the hose using an attachment that has a high pressure mode. The possums just sit there while we soak them with the hose and continue to eat and I suppose they just think it's raining really hard. We have thrown things at them and even used a long pole to poke at them trying to get them out of the tree. All the time while we're spraying and poking these sweet, darling demons we're stand there in the middle of the night yelling "Get out of our tree!!!" Can you imagine what our neighbours think? To be honest with you I don't give a rats behind what they think I want these little vermin to stop eating my tree and to get they hell out of my garden, end of story!

We are going down to the local hardware store to see what we can find to rid ourselves of these creatures. I'm buying everything they have in stock to combat the furry little woodland animals that find invading our garden a bit of fun. I'm dead set to rid myself of these cute, furry, cuddly animals once and for all. I have no intention of hurting them especially the mother with the baby. I just want them to stop eating MY Tree! They are protected in as much that we can't purposefully hurt them and we wouldn't any way, but whatever else is available to me to send them on their way will be purchased and put to use this evening. If this doesn't work I hate to think what will happen to the tree and hate even worse the prospect of replacing the tree as it will take forever for it to get back to the tree that is is now. Anyway, I'll keep you up to date as how we are going with our possum removal and if anyone has any suggestion we're listening!


Ur-spo said...

i wasn't aware opposums were in Australia.
and how could you hate something as cute as this?

may I suggest napalm?

Joseph said...

I completely understand your frustration. We have a problem with deer eating everything. We used to have extensive hosta gardens and flowers everywhere. The deer have ravaged our yard and gardens. It is very frustrating. Good luck getting rid of your opposums!

Moys said...

But they are soooo cute!!
Don't do it!!