28 October 2008

What to do?????

We finally fly home tomorrow. I have been away from home for over month and I'm just a little home sick. A hell I'm a lot home sick. Anyway what I need to know from all of you my loyal readers is do I:
1) Catch up on all of the blogs I normally read and find out what is happening in your world
2) Do I type a big long post about my big adventure into hospital land for the third and lets pray the final time.
Anyway, you tell me and by the time I get home tomorrow and all settled in I'll know which way I should go. Either way I'll still spend time catching up on your world and try to leave some comments albeit they may be a few days late, but I'm sure you'll understand. See you soon...


Nathan said...

Do whatever makes you feel happy :)

Have a safe flight home and I hope things are going well after your final (and I do hope final) trip to the hospital.

tornwordo said...

You gotta do both eventually. Happy homecoming.

Ur-spo said...

#2 please

no need to catch up with us; we are~ same and no big news to speak of.