2 October 2008

Where's Tony???

Well unlike trying to find Waldo I'll tell you were I am. I'm in Sydney. I flew up on Sunday so I could see the surgeon a soon as I could, which ended up to be Tuesday. I also arranged an appointment with my neurologist and saw him on Wednesday. Today I'm back to the hospital for MRI #3. After that the two doctors will converse after which they will decide my fate. I still believe that they are going to do another surgery. Oh, and yes I'm the unlucky blogger from the previous post that is about to have his third surgery.
I told my neurologist that I had no intention of going back home until this thing was fixed. I also told him that they would have to arrange the surgery, if there is to be a surgery and I'm sure there will be another surgery, that they will have to make all of this happen at the public hospital as I can not afford another stint in the private hospital. The last two surgeries have cost hubby and I roughly $24,000. We simply can not afford for me to have another visit to the private hospital as much as I would prefer to have the surgery done in the private hospital. I know my health comes first but when the well runs dry it runs dry. Besides when it comes right down to it the only thing different between the public and the private are the rooms. The rooms at the private are nicer. Other than that the food is the same as it comes from the same kitchen, because the two hospitals share the one kitchen. The surgeon will be the same but because I'll be in the public system I won't have to pay him in fact I won't have to pay a cent. It's one nice thing about living here in the land down under. So when it comes right down to it there is a huge difference and the best way to go is through the public system.
I hear you say why didn't you go through the public system for the first two surgeries. The answer is, I could not wait to go into the public system as the surgery had to be done right away or I could have lost the use of my legs. The public system can sometimes be a bit difficult to access unless you know how to navigate the system. I won't have to wait this time as my neurologist has connections at the public. He is well known and quite respected at the public and if he wants somebody admitted it happens right away with no questions asked. I didn't have him involved last time and now looking back I realise I should have had him involved from the beginning as it would have saved me a lot of money.
So anyway that's what happening with me at the moment. Hubby is back at home holding down the fort. I wish he was here but someone who is not the patient, that would be me, has to take care of the house and the cat, etc. He will be here next Wednesday, which is when we were both originally supposed to fly up to attend a 40th birthday celebration for his brothers wife. So unless something bad happens, and I'm hoping it won't, I'll just have to wait to see him. Other than that I got nothin'. I'll let you know what the verdict is as soon as I know. Oh and thanks everyone for your comments and kind thoughts it means a lot to me. Cheers...


Joseph said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that all goes well for you.

Moys said...

Thanks for the update!
I'll keep watching the blog for more news.
Love and HUGS as always