3 November 2008

Hospital world... (part two)

So where was I? Ah yes, I was getting ready to head over to the hospital on Tuesday to be admitted. Now on Monday prior to my admission I received a call from a woman at the admissions office telling me what I needed to do on Tuesday when I got to the hospital. I was told by the woman that I was to go to the admissions desk and then after I filled out a few forms I was to go to a place called IBAC which would be a sort of holding place for me until my bed was ready up on the ward. I told the woman that would not a problem . I did exactly as I was told when I got to the hospital on Tuesday. but instead of going up to IBAC the woman at the admissions office told me that my bed was ready and that I needed to go straight up to the ward on level 9. Not being one to question authority, well I don't question it often and decided that this would be one of those times that I didn't, I once again did as I was told and headed up to level 9. When I arrived on level 9 the nurse in charge informed me that unfortunately my bed was not ready and that I needed go back down to IBAC and wait. So off to IBAC I went to await further instructions. Something told me that this day was not going to go as planned and that there were going to be a few more surprises.

Not long after arriving at IBAC I found out that my intuition was not wrong. The nurses at IBAC told me
they were indeed expecting me, to have a seat and that someone would be over to talk to me about a few things in reference to my hospital stay and upcoming surgery. I took a seat and I hadn't been sitting for more then ten minutes when suddenly a surgeon arrived with one of my neurologist's registrars (it's what a doctor in training is called, kind of like a resident but one step above a resident). I was surprised to see a surgeon but I was about to be even more surprised by what he said. The surgeon introduced himself as Mark and told me that they might be doing my surgery that afternoon. Mark said that he needed to know when I had eaten last. I told him that I had just had a sandwich about an hour ago as it was lunch time. He then got a bit cranky and said "Well that's no good. We won't be able to do your surgery today". I of course told him I had not been informed that I was going to have surgery on Tuesday but rather I was only going to be admitted. I also told him that I had been informed I would be in hospital for a few days and that on Thursday when the surgery list came I would then find out when I would be scheduled for my operation with Friday being the earliest and most likely day. I said that if someone had told me that I might be having surgery on that Tuesday I would have never eaten, but alas no one had let me know and unfortunatley due to the lack of information I had eaten lunch.

The surgeon explained to me that they had planned on trying to do the surgery on Tuesday as it was an urgent operation and that they admissions people should have told me that so that I could have fasted for at least six hours before the surgery. That of course had not happened and because I had eaten they would not be able to do the surgery. The surgeon then told me he thought it would be best if I went back home until they called me. I told him that I was not prepared to do that. I said I had discussed all of these arrangements with my neurologist earlier and we had decided that it would be better for me to be in hospital. The neurolisist thought that it would be better for me to be in hospital so that they could keep an eye on me especially in case some new complication arose before the surgery. He also thought that by being in hospital it just might hurry the date for the surgery. I told the surgeon that I had come prepared with the knowledge that I would be sitting in hospital for a few days and that I also knew that during those days the doctors would not be actively treating me, that I would technically just be resting while awaiting my surgery. The surgeon wasn't happy with that idea but I insisted that I was not going back home. Besides I had just spent $65.00 and was not prepared to spend another $65.00. I was not going to waste a $130.00 and be inconvenienced because of someone elses breakdown in communication. He turned to the registrar and told her that he had to get back to surgery and for her to sort this all out. I repeated to her that this whole thing was not what had been planned and I was not leaving. I told her that she was going to have to talk to whoever and that they needed to fix this problem. She said she would go see what she could do and she would be back in a bit.

You can only imagine how I felt. I'll tell you how I felt. I was furious about the whole thing. I thought I was being jerked around and I didn't like it one bit. I mean after all I was the patient. I was the one with a huge growth coming out of my spine. I was the one who was having headaches and fevers due to spinal fluid collecting in the growth in my back and last but not least I was the one in pain who was also losing all feelings in my legs due to the pressure that the growth was putting on various nerves in my back. Needless to say I was pretty damn PO'd by this time.

About 45 minutes later the registrar came back and told me that they had arranged a bed for me. She then also told me that because they had to wait to find out when I would be having surgery, that I would have to start fasting every night from midnight just in case they could squeeze me in for the operation. The fasting would start on Wednesday night so I was given a reprieve for Tuesday and all day Wednesday as far as eating was concerned. She told me that the surgery would definitely not happen on Wednesday. She said that there was a 95 percent chance it might happen on Thursday. There was an 85 percent chance for Friday. If it hadn't happened by then that there of course was no surgery on the weekends but if the surgery hadn't happened then it would definitely be schedule for Monday. Other than that it would be a waiting game and I said that it was fine by me.

Okay that's enough for this installment. So next up I'll tell you when the surgery finally happened and the big hiccup that occurred after the surgery. I hope I'm not boring you with my long, wordy story. I just can't help myself when I'm writing. Anyway, take care and I'll be typing the next installment as soon as the feeling returns to my fingers from typing all of this gibberish. I'll be back soon.


Ur-spo said...

oh how i dread something like that happening
no wonder you were frustrated !
i'd tell you to hang in there but this is a past story...

A Lewis said...

I'm just plain old happier than punch to see you even back at all.... It sounds disasterous, that surgery scheduling and all. Ick.

Cinde said...

I love the way you write. I, for one, can't wait for the next installment of your "long, wordy story". :) Love you.

tornwordo said...

That is so typical. It reminds me of the time I was in the waiting room and they forgot to call me and when I inquired my doctor had already gone home for the day! At least we know you didn't die there ; )