11 December 2008

An iPod/YouTube Meme

I saw this meme over here a few days ago and I wanted to try it my self. It was a bit of fun and I enjoyed making the matches with YouTube. I'm also always surprised what my iPod will come up with when it is on shuffle mode, which is all the time. So here goes. My understanding was to turn your iPod/Mp3 player on, then turn it on to shuffle, hit the play button and then make note of the next ten songs that come up. After that find the appropriate YouTube video and list them here. Here's my list. Also like all the other memes I try I never tag anyone to try them I figure if you like it and want to try it you will.

1) Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey - Paul McCartney and Wings I've always really liked this song.
2) What's Going On - Cyndi Lauper I love her

3) Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Eurythmics What's not to love?

4) Tinderbox - Elton John I loved hearing and seeing him play this live here a year ago when he came here with just his piano. What a great show.

5) Angel Eyes - Jim Brickman This, along with all of his piano work, mellows me out.

6) Time After Time - Rod Stewart Who knew old rod was going to go so mellow and not be half bad at it?

7) In Private - Dusty Springfield Thank you goes to the Pet Shop Boys for giving us this bit of last minute fun with Dusty

8) Upside Down - Diana Ross A bit of Miss Ross riding the disco train.

9) Dark Star - Crosby, Stills and Nash I could not find a video for this one but this still works. Nice song from their later work
0) What a Wonderful World - Tony Bennett and k.d. lang I could not find a video of them actually singing but I still love the song and the album it comes from


tornwordo said...

Great list. Wasn't it fun looking for the videos?

Ur-spo said...

dear me
it is quite 'green' here nowadays !!