18 June 2009


It's that time of the year agin. What time of the year is it you might ask? Well, it's that time of the year that we celebrate all that is cold, snowy and penguin at the the Antarctic Midwinter Festival

The next nine days is filled with all sorts of fun and interesting things. There is a photo contest, a film festival amongst other things and of course the penguins (some real and some not so real) So, I wanted to let you all know about the festival in case you wanted to pop in and join in the fun. Now if you aren't able to join us then at least visit the festival website and enjoy the photos and get a look at some of the things we'll be doing for the next few days.

Also as a side note in reference to some of the questions about my last 12 of 12.

Chocolate tea tastes like it sounds except it's tea. You might think it would taste like a watery hot chocolate but it is totally different. when you drink it you know you're drinking tea but it just happens to have a hint of chocolate which is just enough to soothe those chocoholic cravings.

The candle light picture is a candle holder that hubby bought me. the pattern on the outside of the top is etched into the pottery but it is done in reverse so from the outside with no candle it look a bit odd but once you put the candle in you see it's secret

The patterns are the top of an outside table top and the other one is the back of a chair.


Larry Ohio said...

The chocolate tea sounds interesting. I am going to specifically look for that in the store.

Bigg said...

What is winter like there? Do you get much snow? Oooh, post lots of pictures!
How is the pain lately?

Ur-spo said...

It is hard to imagine winter when we just turned on our air conditioner. It starts to be over 100° this week.