12 November 2009

12 of 12 for November 2009...

Well, as promised here are my photos for this months 12 of 12. Now for those of you that know, this is a project that I take part of each month which allows me to have a bit of fun with my camera and also fills in a large hole when I don't post as often as I should. Everyone will also know that the 12 of 12 project is not my initiative but rather that of a very nice man named Chad and you can find out more about 12 of 12 from his blog here.

This months 12 of 12 was a bit difficult once again due to the fact that I was stuck at the house and I needed to become overly creative in my picture taking. Since I don't drive, it is difficult for my to get to different places when the 12th comes along but in saying that maybe next month come hell or high water I'll just walk into the city and when I'm finished I'll take a taxi home. Now see how much I'm willing to do just so you get quality in each post.

Anyway, this months 12 of 12 has a distinct floral feeling, mainly because spring is in full swing here and all of the flowers, especially the roses are starting to bloom. So indulge me and have a peruse of this months photos and hopefully one of them will make you smile and until next time take care and enjoy....

This list is on our fridge and it is the beginnings of our preparations for the big move back to the mainland. For those of you who don't know and who might care to know, we are moving off the island we have called home for the past five years because we are unable to find sustainable work on the island. We will keep this house and someday when we get ready to retire it will still be here when we need it.

This month also saw me get a year older and last week I celebrated another birthday with a very dear friend who also shares the same birthday as myself. She came over from New Zealand and spent the week with us and on Sunday we celebrated our very special day. I'm telling you all this because the next photo (the one above) is one of the presents she gave me. It is a piece of glass art that comes from New Zealand and it is called "The Twist" It represents the eternity of a special friendship or relationship. I can say without a doubt that I have always had a special friendship with this friend and it will continue for many years to come.

This is another gift I received, also from the same friend. This gift was not actually birthday gift but an early Christmas present from her to both myself and my hubby. This piece of glass is called Spiral - Koru and the koru is the Maori name given to the new unfurling fern fronds and symbolizes new life, growth, strength and peace.

Now, I know that by now most if not all of you has either seen or already owns an iPhone or iPod Touch. Well I had neither and since I have a phone of which I just started a new two year contract and so do not need a phone, hubby bought me an iPod Touch instead. I love my gadgets. It's all about colour, lights and movement. Give me those and I'm amused for hours. Anyway, I love my new toy and I love my hubby for being so good to me.

As I mentioned it is spring here and a lot of things are blooming in our garden. Some of the best things growing in our garden are our roses and this one is called "Blue Moon". This particular plant is well over 50 years old. The previous owners gave us it's history along with the history of a few other plants we have in our garden. Needless to say it's a wonderful rose bush with these beautiful purple blooms accompanied by the strongest fragrance. Also if you look really close to the right of the flowers you'll see a wee little visitor, come to do what they do best for all of flowerdom.

Just a close up of one of the bearded irises I planted a couple of years ago. There is something oddly strange about the purple and yellow together that make this flower pretty, or at least I think it's pretty.

A lovely closeup to another lovely rose that, as you can see, is almost fluorescent in a red and yellow combination.

This lovely yellow rose is growing outside in our front garden and is just outside our bedroom window. So we are greeted not on by the sun and the river down below but also this little bit of sunshine right from our garden.

Here's hubby, in the office, on the computer, being so kind as to be a model for one of this months photos. Actually, I believe he was paying bills so it probably wasn't the best time to take his picture.

This little cast iron cow door stop works a treat when we have all the windows open around the house and the breeze picks up momentum down the hallway and keeping the hallway door from slamming shut every few minutes.

The lavender around the house is also blooming like crazy and it smells so good when it drifts into the house from the open front windows.

Last but not least yet one more flower shot but this time they are not in the garden. No, moments before this picture was taken they were in they garden and then the next they were sitting on the fireplace mantle. One of life's wonderful little things where what we grow we can also harvest and although a few cut flowers from our garden is hardly a harvest the point is we grew them and instead of buying flowers for the house each week all we have to do is go out and pick what we want and these are what I pick for the next few days.

Well that's it from me so I hope all of the flowers didn't bore you and if they did well I don't know what to tell you other than check back next time and who knows maybe I'll spend the day taking pictures of your favourite things..


Larry Ohio said...

Great pics TJ. I love lavender. That pic and the one with the yellow roses are my faves.


lovely as ever. good that you pointed out the bee!!
loving that glass sculpture your friend gave you. i can see how two entities lay their brows together. nice!! something i can relate to!!

Schmitt´s said...

Thank you for your lovely comment to my 12of12 - and the possibility you gave me herewith to get to know your blog!

Your photos are beautiful - most I like the lavender. Doesn´t it smell fantastic? I made a little lavender pad a few months ago - and now everytime I close my eyes and sniff at it there is summmer in my mind. Wonderful!

At Tasmania starts the spring now -my very favourite season and I am a little bit jealous. Here the winter knocks at the door. It becomes grey, wet, cold and uncomfortable. Not that nice!
But every winter follows a spring - so I try to be patient!
And try to enjoy cosy evenings with hot chocolate and sitting by the fireside.

I´ll stop writing a novel now and send you (and Hubby!) best wishes from the other side of the world.

See you!
Britta & the dog ;-)

Pete said...

Oh Tony those yellow roses are beautiful, such a nice thing to see at any time of the day.
Just goes to prove you don't have to go far from home to get great photos.

Janelle said...

Tony, your photos are gorgeous! The Lavender is beautiful. I can just imagine how sweet the scent is from it.

Also, on your list - you can download the mail redirection form for AP on their website to fill out and take in. Save you having to go to the post office to pick one up!!

Ur-spo said...

I haven't been to blog land in a week - I am sorry I missed your birthday. May you have many many more !

Jill said...

Ahhh, TJ! It's so cool to hear you talk about Spring when I am heading into Winter. Your flowers are wonderful; like many, the lavender is my favorite shot this month. Thanks for sharing... and happy belated birthday!
- Jill

tornwordo said...

The glass sculptures are neat. Nice to see a pic of the hubby too.

Regina said...

I love the flower pictures - so nice to see flowers in bloom when over here its getting more and more bleak.

Bec said...

Beautiful flowers! And I love the symbolism behind the glass gifts. And... you were not the last to get an iPhone/iPod Touch. I don't have one...I've been trying not to listen to all the "apps" commercials!

Lucrecia Bloggia said...

Wouh! I really like the close up of the fluorescent rose! Nice to see all these flowers around your house. The only flower pic in my 12 of 12 is a dead sunflower... a lot less picturesque! Winter is at our door, here.

Thank you very much for the nice comment on my blog. Hope to see you next month! ;¬)

lovesmukiwa said...

I'm just so glad it is spring SOMEWHERE in the world!

Cinde said...

I happen to love flowers and I love your pictures, too! Wishing it was Spring here instead of autumn, but oh well. I'm also still considering stealing this 12 of 12 idea from you... :)

Dogeared said...

I know the feeling of being stuck in and unable to go out... it's better now I'm in London and can walk/get the Tube or bus somewhere.

Good luck with the move. I've had a productive week, so once I finish doing everything, I'll send you my productive motivation, and you can just declare a blitz day on moving stuff, and get a load done!

Sorry I'm late in looking - busy work week!