2 July 2010

Hello world...

I bet you thought I fell off the edge of the world, and you know I think I almost did but then again here I am, so I guess I didn't. Anyway, as you all know, or as many of you do and for those of you who you do now know I decided a few months back that this blog is going to be pretty much dedicated now to the 12 of 12 project. You know, the one started/created by this man, where I/you take 12 photos (I actually take like 100) and then I pick the best ones to share with you. Well that's all fine and well but it only happens on the 12th day of every month and only 12 photos. I'm not sure one post a month makes a very interesting blog. Does it make it a blog at all or is it now a Photoblog or something else entirely? Needless to say, that is what will be happening for a while so if you're up for it great and if you're not, then I totally understand, I'm a little hurt but I understand.

So, just a heads up that this months photos will be very different in so much that I have to work that day so I can't just meander around town taking pictures with my good camera in tow. Besides, I only have an hour for lunch and believe me there's not much to see from my morning/evening bus ride, to and from work, seeing as it's dark out both ways (remember it's winter here). I also don't think my boss will let me have a field trip day because taking pictures sure doesn't fall into the realm of what I do for work. don't think my new boss wold like that. At the same time I might still as I'm not that impressed with my new boss. I'll get to that in a bit. So because I have to work and can't lug my good camera around with me at work (unless I find a way to do it easily) what I've decided to do is experiment and this month I'm going take all of the pictures using the camera on my new iPhone. I'll get to see how good the new zoom feature works that came with the new IOS 4 software they developed for the new iPhone 4.

As a side note, I didn't get the new iPhone 4 firstly because they are not being sold in Australia until I think the end of the end of this month and secondly I just bought my new/old iPhone last month about 3 days before they announced the new phone was coming. And since I just started a new phone contract and unless I want to turn around and pay this phone outright to the tune of $850.00 Australian $700.00 US. then I'll stick with what I've got. Oh well what do I care as long as I get the benefits from the new software upgrades, which I do since I upgrade my software the other night. The rest of the little things with the new iPhone like the new design and screen resolution etc. don't do much for me as I don't watch a lot of videos and stuff like that. I mean I easily go through my monthly data allotment of 500MB easily just going through with emails, some of my apps that have push notifications and some of the Internet browsing I do when I checking the news etc. at the end of the day if you're not careful downloads become very expensive. Besides, no matter how clear the screen is, with these poor old tired eyes I need at least 17"inches. And get your filthy, dirty, little minds out of the gutter (and I know several of you went there) you know very well I was talking about screen size.

So at the end of the day, I know that the pictures that i take this month won't be anywhere close to the kind of stuff that I've shared with you in the past. Of course, I'm making a big assumption that what I have offered in the past were good/decent photos. I like to think I've done some good work in the past and some of you have even said you like some of my photos. It' gives me hope. anyway that ways a very long winded way of telling you that it will be an interesting experiment and we shall see what comes of the day at the end of the day.

Let's see what else? Ah yes, the new job how could I forget the new job. Maybe it was so easy to forget because I'm trying so hard to do just that. I really hate saying this but I've never hated a job so much in my entire career. It was totally misrepresented and at the end of the day so as not to bore you it's plain and simple a s#%t job! I'm not trying to be elitist but this job is so far beneath my intelligence and overall skill level, and yet I'm still there. Why you say and I say because 1) I have not worked in so long so the last thing I want to do is add and new entry in to my resume that says after being out of work for so long I recent took this job and then quit 3 months later. 2) the pay cheque is nice but to be honest I could not survive on this salary. I don't make enough money to pay the rental for maybe a studio apartment here in Sydney (albeit prices here are outrageous)I'd have to live a good two hour train ride out of town to get something meager and affordable and it would be a dump. And then there would be food, utilities, etc. If I wasn't in a relationship and have such a loving husband I literally would not be able to survive living in Sydney or probably for that matter in any city in the world given even the exchange rate. i would be homeless and if were homeless I would have anyplace to keep my work clothes or take a bath to go to work and you see how that cycle would just get worse. Anyway enough regardless. I am starting to look again this weekend. Hopefully if i find something to get an interview I'll be able to explain well enough why I'm leaving this new job so quickly without putting the company down as that looks bad to a new employer. (See I was listening at those how to find a new job/ and interview well classes)

So that's it from me for now. I'll be back on the 12th with new photos and until then take care stay safe and live large (if you can...) Enjoy....

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Ur-spo said...

I am sad to hear the new job is so heinous. What a disappointment. I hope it gets better.