16 January 2011

So what are they???

Hello dear bloggers and fellow 12 of 12r's, as you all know by now I did a guess what this is theme for my first 2011 12 of 12 photo blog post. Now, many of you took a stab at guessing what the partial photo was related to a larger whole. I will say that some of the photos were probably a bit difficult to decipher and others you made good guesses. Anyway I promised I would post the larger pictures in a few days and this is the post to do just that. so enjoy and see how close you were to the real thing...

So, number one ends up being the bindings of a set of books. There's nothing special about the books being the Twilight series. They just happen to be the ones that I chose to take a picture of noting more and nothing less.

Now this is a glass which is handblown the top part actually sits in the base so all you pick up is the blue coane we have a set of four when we have a special dinner. they were a birthday present from the hubby.

The close up of the fabric that covers the chair is special in that this chair waas damaged in transit on our move back up to Sydney. It took us six months to have the removal company to have the chair re-covered and get it back to us. Anyway, we chose the fabric and we personally like it.

As many of you guessed the close up was the control panel of our microwave.

Also you had no trouble guessing that this was stairwell

I don't have to tell you this was a bottle and the picture of course was just a close up of the condensation on the outside of the bottle.

Next we had a picute of part af the grill covering a fan

Then next we had a close up of the grouting that connects the tiles on our floor.

This one had many of you guessing and of much interesting. Well now I can reveal that is was a close up of a glass paper weight.

Now this next one is another very special birthday present from hubby. As you can see the small photo was a close-up of the glass rod that sits in the larger of the two items. These are also hand-blown from the same man that created the blue glasses. So, what are they you ask? They are glass spinning tops and when you take the glass rod out you can actually spin them, but make sure it on a very safe, flat, and non-abrasive surface. I, as you might have guessed, am an avid collector of hand-blown glass items. If they can make it I'll try to buy it.

Along with glass items we also collect pieces of art. You know that are is subjective and some people will like this painting and some people won't. I personally do and I picked this particular piece out. It is by an artist by the name of Christoper Orr. I just really like the colours he uses. So we added this little piece by him to our collection and if could get hubby to let me I'd buy a few more.

And last but not least it is not the most inspiring item and at the end of the day it's just our dirty clothes hamper. I wonder if it says anything about this blog post or about my 12 of 12 pictures. Who knows? I just hope you enjoyed this months 12 of 12 and I look forward to next month's and let's see what I can come up with to keep you entertained.



so, i was right about six of them...but i hate myself for not thinking of the water bottle, especially since i had already mentionned the "sweaty" look of it. i guess i didn't have enough coffee back then...

thanx 4 enlightening us.

Dogeared said...

I knew the first photo was of the Twilight books! Heh, vindication at last.