9 March 2011

Moving on up, or is it moving out?

Well, it's a little bit of both, as we are on the path to moving back into our apartment in the city. By city I mean Sydney. We have found ourselves quasi homeless after living in an apartment under my husband's parent's house. It wasn't it an optimum situation but it provided us a space, breathing room and most of all time to help make decisions about where and how much we wanted to spend on a new home back here in Sydney. For those of you who who are up to speed, we recently moved back to Sydnay after living in Tasmania for the last 5 years. We unfortunately had to move back to Sydney for several reasons, health being an important player. We kept our house in Tassie and are renting it out which will provide us with a nice bit of change to spend on our new mortgage. It will at least make the payments.

Anyway, here we are back in Sydney. We are planning on moving back into our apartment in the city which we were letting out for the past 6 years. We had to unfortunately give our current tenants notice. They were good tenants but we need a place to live. A place to live I might add that is mortgage free, so no monthly rental for us to lay out. We plan on living back in the apartment for probably a year at which time we hope to have found a new house to purchase. So wish us luck and here's to hoping that our current tenants find something sooner. The sooner the better as we can stop living out of suitcases, moving from hotel to hotel and other various forms of accommodations.

Oh and while I'm on the topic of moving and being homeless, seeing that all all of our worldly goods, bar three suitcases of clothing, are in storage, I will not be able to participate in March's 12 of 12. I probably won't be able to do Aprils and possibly May's unless as I said we are able to move back into our apartment sooner. It all depends on the current tenants. We shall see...



so you think you've found the perfect excuse not to do the "12 of 12" for the next while?...

joking aside,
i don't know how you do it. i'd go insane not having a steady place to call "home". i need my safe haven!!
wishing you to find something quickly that will suit both your needs. pity for your current tenants, especially as you said they were good ones.

good luck!!

Ur-spo said...

I was glad to see you posting but was sad to hear its contents. Please keep us (me) posted on your events, for I do like to hear from you.
I will do 12 of 12 for you, in your honor

the immigayrant said...

Hi TJ,

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I wish you all the best, TJ!