18 January 2005

Green thumb

I always thought I had a green thumb when it came to plants but I'm on a whole new learning curve when it comes to working with a yard/lawn/garden. In Sydney we had a few plants on the balcony and they did well. We now have this backyard with grass and several garden beds with all sorts of flowers that I don't have any experience in growing. I'm finding it takes more than just a bit of watering. I think I'm going to let the garden grow as it may this summer as I did not plant any of the things that are presently growing (the former owner of the house planted everything). Everyone thinks Tasmania is so wet and green but I've come to find out it's not as wet as it could be or at least not at this time so I will continue to be vigilante and enjoy what comes.

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my mom's a gardner(she goes to the gym everyday too!).