8 November 2005

Birthday time...

Well by the time I post this it will officially be my birthday. Yes another year older and maybe another year wiser but that's debatable on so many levels. Anyway, here is the card James gave me. It's not traditional but what makes it great is it is a Tassie designed card and I find the front so funny considering how many years I spent in Texas before moving to the land of Oz some 6 years ago.

This was very Tasmanian birthday for me with the present also being made in Tasmanian by glassmakers/blowers. They are a work of art that I am going to be so afraid to ever use. Maybe just once and I will have to pick a very special occasion.

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mark said...

Well Happy B-day one day late! I don't get to read everyones blog as frequent as I'm used too. :)

Hope it was a great one.