8 November 2006

Another year older and a tad wiser...

Happy birthday to Me! Happy birthday to Me! Happy birthday to Me!

Well, I made it through another year and at this time of year I always think back to 1986 when I found out I was HIV-positive and at that time we were told we only had a short time to live and here I am 20 years later still alive and kickin'. I couldn't be happier to be getting older. I know lots of people hate getting old but I cherish getting older and I except every creak of my bones, wrinkle in my face, sag of my tummy and every white hair because I damn well earned them and I never thought I would every get the chance to but I did!

So here's to how many ever more years are in store for me. All I know is that I will continue to enjoy everyday of my life and not piss it away because as they say "Life is to damn short"

Have a great day everyone I know I will....

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Barry said...

Happy Birthday! It may seem late, but it's not Wednesday yet, here on the Puget Sound.

Hope your day was spent to the max.