20 November 2006

Before and after...

Once again time is my enemy so until that is no longer the case which I will talk about in a few days. I wanted to share some before and after pictures of our lounge (living) room since we got our new furniture and had the room painted. No I know the furniture looks a bit old fashioned but you must remember we live in a house that is over 115 years old so having some new sleek modern design just would have looked way out of place and to be honest modern is not me. Anyway, here are a couple before and after pictures mainly in association with the room colour.





I know this is as boring as watching paint dry but I needed to write something until I can find time to be a bit more creative. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the pictures and I look forward to being able to write more in the next few days/weeks.


mark said...

Your place looks great.

As for the job resignation, I'm sure you'll be missed. You did a lot of great things in the community regarding HIV/AIDS.

Good luck with whatever the next path takes.

kathleen said...

I enjoyed your pictures and poem.You have made a lovely home and life!Take care!The new color scheme is warm and inviting,I like the easy chair that seems butter colored.
I lost my older brother to Aids 6 years ago.Thank you for your dedication to helping others.Bless you.