9 January 2007

The Dame rules...

James and I hopped on a plane Saturday to head up to Melbourne for a few days. I had bought tickets for his b-day to see Dame Edna way back in September. Being in Melbourne we also got to do a bit of shopping at a few stores we don't have down here in little ol' Tasmania; places like Max Brenner, Haighs and David Jones. Funny I linked to DJ's as they don't do Internet based sales like say Macy's. That type of thing is slow coming here in Australia. Some of the specialty stores like T2, Dusk and my favourite Rodd & Gunn; although they're based in New Zealand, have web site sales but not the big stores like David Jones and Myer's.

Anyway, I digress. We had an uneventful flight up from Hobart although we weren't sure how it was going to go as it was raining cats and dogs in Hobart when we left and it was supposed to be stormy up to Melbourne. It did not eventuate. I'm glad it rained at home though as we really need it. Funny thing, they always say it's raining in Hobart and the reality is it's the second driest place in Australia. Back to my story, we arrived in Melbourne around noon and were allowed to check in at our favourite hotel the Crown Promenade. It was hot 32c (90f) and muggy in Melbourne so we first changed into some shorts before heading out for a bite to eat and a bit of shopping.

After a walk around and really after I couldn't stand the humidity anymore we headed back to the room for a short rest before dinner and a bit of a gamble at the casino. We only play the slot machines and always have a limit of $100.00. James made out good and won around $675.00, which paid for the weekends food and shopping. I at least was able to play enough to loose and win back my original $100.00.

The next day the mugginess had left albeit still overcast. We had a lovely breakfast and strolled around Southbank and Federation Square before the show, which was a matinee. The State Theatre is located on South Bank so we strolled over and went inside to cool off once again as the warmth came back towards the end of the day. We found our seats and waited for the show to begin.

The show was FANTASTIC!. It ran just on 2.5 hours and of course it is a one man show with a few (4) back up singer/dancers and a pianist. All the rest is all Bary Humprhies. The show has played to sold out crowds in New York and was nominated for a Tony. I don't know how much longer he will continue to do live shows considering he is 72, but I tell you what he is a goer! I understand he is planning a new television series for the BBC so maybe that will fill in for the live shows. Either way it was one heck of a night!

We had a late dinner after the show then off to bed before an early flight home. and that was a quick wrap of our weekend. How was yours?

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dirk.mancuso said...

Dame Edna is one of my mother's favorites, but I'm not sure she realizes that he is a man.

Case in point: she refers to Boy George as that cute "Carmel Chameleon" girl...