18 February 2007

Bloggers block...

I am having a terrible time thinking about something to post. I could write about our trip to the hardware store (we bought a mower and some solar garden lights). I might tell you about the trip to the lavender farms, but since when we got there all of the fields had been harvested there was nothing to see. There was a bit of laughter over the absurdity of the whole trip; after all they had promised on their website that this was peak viewing of the fields and then when we arrived not only where the blooms gone but so where the people who run the place so as not to allow us to ask what the F#*K? We had a fantastic thunder and lighting storm on Friday night but the only thing exciting about that was; we don't get a lot of thunder and lighting here usually just a LOT of rain. So you see all in all things are a bit boring and I certainly don't want to bore you. I will give it some time and see what I can come up with. As a matter of note we will be heading up to Sydney next weekend for a few days maybe something exciting will happen while we're there.

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