23 March 2007


I know it's been a few days since I've posted anything and then that post was a list/meme so it was rather boring. I'm going to tell you right now this post won't be much better. Here's the deal. You are aware, or should be, that we have had visitors for the past few weeks and this is their last weekend here in fact today is their last day in Hobart. We all fly over to Melbourne tomorrow morning to spend the day there. We will spend Saturday night at the airport Hilton and then they fly back home on Sunday and we fly back home to Hobart. Why am I telling you all this? Well for one it fills up space and secondly to let you know that I will be back on a more active schedule as of next Monday.

We have really enjoyed our time with our friends but as usual time flies when your having fun. It seems like just yesterday that they arrived but alas it was back at the beginning of February. We have tried to show them a bit of where we live and we hope they have not been to bored. Life here in Tasmania is not for everyone. We lead a rather quiet existence but it works for us. Anyway, I'll be back with regular posting next week and as promised I will have pictures of our work and the eventual end result in relation to some doors we found in the shed and have refinished and hung in or house. We must thank our freinds for all the work they put into helping us with this project. Thanks Guys!

Until then take care and keep watching this space.

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CityWOOF said...

Hugs, Tj. You're a sweet man. And meme information about you is never useless!