13 November 2007

It's over...

Well, the big day has come and gone. I am now officially 50 and as usual I don't feel any different much less any older. I have always gone with the thought process that age is only a state of mind and you are only as old as you feel and I feel like I'm still in my twenties mentally. Anyway, we had a fantastic time in Melbourne and here's a quick run down. I have a little over a hundred pictures that I took with my new camera and I will have them posted shortly. I'll let you know as soon as they are up on flickr.

We met our friend Moys on Wednesday afternoon at the airport as she flew in from New Zealand. We head straight to the hotel and then straight out for the first of many walks (the only down side with the walks is that the longer I walk the more my neuropathy acts up but that's another topic). After having a bite to eat, which turned out to be the worst meal and part of the whole trip, (If you are ever in Melbourne never eat here) we headed over to the casino to loose a few dollars. I actually walked out with $150.00, so all was not lost.

Thursday was officially b-day for both myself and Moys so it was started with a nice breakfast and then shopping. Moys bought a few blouses and odds and ends. James and I bought some new cologne we also almost bought one of the private blends from this same group but it was a bit pricey and I told James that it could wait. However, Christmas is coming so just maybe??? Oh and I got another pair of underwear because you can never have enough good underwear and because we can't get that brand here in Hobart. Then it was back to the hotel for a rest pre-dinner and show. We ate dinner at Box on Collins and it was excellent and SO much better than the night previous. As for the show all I can say was FANTABULOUS!!! I mean seriously if this show goes to the West End or better yet makes it to Broadway like Mamma Mia did. You will have to go see it. The costumes alone were worth the price. I would be willing to see the show again in a heart beat.

Friday was spent on a little more shopping and more good food. That afternoon we headed to the botanical gardens so I could take some pictures with my new camera. (you'll see my first efforts soon). Friday night found us back at the casino for dinner and again a bit of a gamble on the pokies. I again came out ahead unfortunately for James and Moys Lady luck was not on their side. Saturday we headed out to St. Kilda for a look around. We had breakfast by the beach and of course a bit of more shopping, what else. After we were all shopped out we headed back into town and made reservations at the restaurant we ate the night of the show. Once again the dinner was exceptional and even a bit better because we didn't feel rushed like we did the night we ate there before the show even if the theatre is right next door.

We had and early start on Sunday. Our flight was at 8:25 in the morning and Moys flew out at 11:30 so we packed Saturday night after dinner and then headed to the airport bright and early we said our goodbyes and a wonderful, loving, happy time was had by all! We arrived back home around 10:00 and life goes on. As I said I'll have the pictures up shortly, as soon as they are up I'll let you know. Enjoy...

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many happy returns too!