27 January 2008

Guess who ???

It's me! I'm back, but just barely so let me get my bearings and I'll write a big post about it later today. Thanks to everyone for all of their well wishes and kind notes. They meant a lot to me. It's kind of funny having friends that you've never met but on one level you seem to know so well. Thanks again and as I said I'll write all about my big scary trip to the big city and even worse my unforeseen imprisonment in hospital.


Lewis said...

Pensive, waiting, wondering.

Moys said...

Welcome Home. :)

CJ said...

Glad your home as you must be. So waiting in TX to learn more.

Nathan said...

^ What Lewis said.

Big hugs and welcome back!

Ur-spo said...

just remember doctors are no good and should not be trusted. best to confuse them at all times.
good luck!