27 March 2008

Remodeling re-visited...

Do you remember a few months ago, like around Christmas, when I was telling you about the remodeling we were having done on the back of the house? Well here we are now in the last few days of March and the final piece of the puzzle is about to be installed. The new cabinets are bring fitted this morning. When we had the new windows and doors put in earlier, basically the entire back wall of the house was removed and replaced. A large cabinet used to sit on that wall and the cabinet housed most of our dishes and various odds and ends. That cabinet was of course removed and based on the new window/door configuration there is/was no room to put that cabinet back hence the building of this new cabinet.

We have been living out of our office for the past few months in so much as all of our dishes are currently residing on the floor of said office. I will be so happy at the end of today when I am able to put the dishes back into the kitchen and we can stop having to walk to the office for a glass or a plate. Not to mention we can finally get our office back. Remodeling is always a pain and very disruptive to the normal flow of life. I will not be sad to see the backside of this project. All we need to do after these cabinets are fitted is to have a few tiles put up as a splash back for the sink and then we can have the painter come in and finish the kitchen walls to match the work he did earlier on the new window and door frames.

All in all it's been an experience and we are extremely happy with the results. I'm sure we'll love it even more after today's activities are concluded. In saying that do I plan on any more renovations in the not to distant future or even in the near future? The answer to that is a very definite. HELL NO!

PS. I'll post some before and after pictures as soon as the cabinets are all in but unfortunately you'll have to see it with out the new paint job otherwise it may take sometime before you can see the absolute complete prodcut. Until then Take care!


Ur-spo said...

about once a month i get a new patient who looks quite frazzled. I ask 'what brings you here" and they reply "we in demodeling'
so congrats at surviving what is often a very aggravating ordeal.

CJ said...

It seems it was last summer you posted pics of arched windows I liked and you said they would have to go as part of the remodel. But still 4 months on a remodel? You are a patient fella indeed. I guess I will live with what I got.