25 March 2008

Here we go again...

Alrighty then, now that we are pasted the whole countdown excitement, it's time to get back to some regular posts which has to be a good thing, right? I mean you know how brilliant I am at writing jaw-dropping, earth shattering, colour-laden, mind-numbing and down right interesting posts, don't you? Given that knowledge I wanted to wait a day or so to let you come down from the high I'm sure that many of you were on from the unveiling of the countdown surprise. So let's get to a new nail-biting post.

Now do you remember a little over a year and a half ago when all at the same time I was having such a hard time with my feet, our cat had to be put to sleep, my dad died, and James' mum found out she had bowel cancer. You don't remember? Well it doesn't matter because I've just reminded you. Anyway, since then I have found a medication regime that keeps my feet pain at a minimum, we got a new cat, albeit she has issues but let's not go there, my dad unfortunately is still gone but my mum is doing better and moving forward and last but not least James mum finished her 6 months of chemotherapy and was given the all clear. Things are finally getting back to normal.

Well, normal that is until two weeks ago when we got a call from James' brother. I watched and listened to the phone conversation between James and his brother and heard James say things like "Oh no" and "Oh John". All I could think about was that John's dog had passed away, which would have been his second in the past few months. Both dogs were getting up in years so it's not like it was a surprise when the first one passed away. So after James hung up the phone I of course asked what had happened and to my surprise it wasn't the second dog, nope not even close. It was about James' mum. Her cancer has come back!

That's right the cancer is back and this time it's angry. Here we go again. James spent this past week up in Sydney spending time with his mum and helping getting things organised. She is going to have major surgery again which will include her receiving chemotherapy during the surgery itself and then another two days worth right after the surgery while she is still in hospital. She doesn't have a choice about the surgery. Well she does but the other choice isn't such a positive. She was told if she didn't have the surgery she is looking at 6-12 months at best.

James is being very calm about all of this and I think in a way he knows he needs to be because this time it's game on and he will need to make the best of the moments he has with his mum. She goes to the oncologist on this coming Thursday at which time they will discuss what is exactly going to happen and when it will happen. We expect the surgery will be scheduled within the next two weeks. James will be flying up the night before the surgery and plans on staying a few weeks after the fact to help out as best as he can. I will be staying here on the home front holding down the fort. I'm not even going to mention that while all of this is happening James' dad has been in and out of hospital with a nasty infection in his leg that is going septic. Good thing on that note is his dad gets out of the hospital today.

So, that's the newest thing happening in our neck of the woods. All I can say is life happens and as we get older this is how it plays out and it's never any fun. All we can hope is to weather the storm and hope that at the end of it we make it out to the other side. Until next time...


Ur-spo said...

i was saddened to hear about the cancer.
life is never dull is it?
I was glad about your feet; I am curious to know the Rx regiment if you would be OK to dislose it.

Nathan said...

Your father died, James' Mom had cancer, and your cat was put to sleep? Oh my gosh, Tony. I had no idea. I knew you back then too. I'm baffled as to where I was when all this was going on, because I don't remember any of it. But I am so very sorry to hear of it. And please accept my apology for not being there for you during all this. I clearly was a neglectful friend since I didn't know of this. So sorry honey. (((HUGS)))

I'm wishing the best for the upcoming surgery. I really hope she wins this battle a second time. And I'm glad his Dad is getting out of the hospital.

I'll be thinking of you guys.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to learn this and hope your in-laws' health improves quickly. Sending good thoughts to you and James. xx