2 March 2008

This is a test...

I'm trying a new web browser called "Flock" and I'm testing out it's little in's and out's to see if it is a viable web browser. I currently use either Safari or Firefox but recently read about Flock so I thought I would download it to see what it was like. I'm a a sucker for new gadgets. Hell it can be new gadgets, food, music, books, whatever; if it's new I'm interested. Anyway, this is a short post as I'm testing the posting interface made available with Flock which supposedly allows me to publish right to my blog at anytime with out actually going through Blogger's posting system. So, I'm going to end this post and hit the publish button and see what happens. Fingers crossed.

Blogged with Flock


Lewis said...

Flock? Are there sheep involved?

jps246 said...

It looks as if it's been posted!

Nathan said...

I've always wanted to use Flock, for the simple reason that I'm a sucker for cool buttons and the Flock browser has very cool buttons.

(Yes, that's all it takes to win over a graphic designer).

I'm so glad you've been doing all this geeky stuff. First you get a Mac, now you're exploring open source browsers. I love it.

Happy Flocking!