18 April 2008

HUGE Apologies!!!

I want to apologise here and now for the last post. I should have never tried to be funny. I thought I could write something witty like many of the bloggers I read but the reality is I can't. I will go back to my bland, tepid posts about my feet pain, house remodeling and pictures in the park. At least those posts were real albeit real boring but none the less real. Anyway, I again apologise for my lack of thought and for of those of you unfortunate enough to run into that post I'd pay to have your eyes surgically fixed if I could from the damage done reading said post but since I am in no position to pay such bills please know that I would have liked to think that i could. OK, I'm going to stop typing now as I'm just so ashamed of myself. I'm going to stand in the corner and think about what I did.


Nathan said...

Oh paaaalease! No apologies necessary! It was funny, and I saw nothing wrong with it. You're shooting yourself down without merit.

Be funny! The world needs laugher :)

Glenn said...

What?! I knew it was about your cat! It was about your cat, wasn't it? I mean, Wasn't it?!

Oh. My. God!

Ur-spo said...

oh no you don't.
blogs should be expressive and for yourself first and foremost. You keep posting what you want to post and don't fret over outrage.

CJ said...

Speaking of pussy. Don't beat yourself up. Your among friends. You can fall flat on your face(your opinion) and we will continue to support and read you. Now if you were the President of the United States and continued to make an ass of yourself after 8 years. Well. No mercy.
So go ahead and be funny, be sexy(I want to see more of that great smile), be whatever you want.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a great tribute to Miss Slocombe! Lemme guess, it was an uptight, conservative, PBS-hating friend/family member from the midwest U.S. who took issue? Anyway, it gave many of us a good giggle.