26 July 2008

Friend, visitor, guest or enemy???

It seems we have a new addition to our house for how long I don't know. They have been here before and they only stayed for a few weeks. Now the strange thing is I wouldn't necessarily call them friends as we have not really been formally introduced. I would not and am not opposed to being friends but that will be entirely up to them. Now as I said they have been a visitor in the past and actually they have been visiting us quite frequently as of late. It seems that over the past few days they have decided that they would like to be more than visitors and more like actual guest with all of the amenities that come with being a guest.

I'm sure they wouldn't be a problem except that they sleep all day and then they run around all night. They're always looking around to see what they can make for dinner. I don't mind them eating our food as long as they clean up after themselves. I mean it's only fair. They are very tidy and they have impeccable bathroom habits. All in all I can't think of a reason why they can't be a guest in our home.

Oh maybe I can think of one reason and then that's when they would become the enemy. You see I just don't think they get along with our cat Molly Brown. They are really allergic to cats and Molly thinks they are taking over the house. In fact we have never had an argument with them but I think I came home once and they were in the back yard fighting but stopped as soon as I came out side.

I just don't know if it will work out. We'll just have to see. Oh here's a picture from their last visit. you can see why we want to be friends. They are a great couple.


jps246 said...

I could see how the cats wouldn't be too happy!

What kind of animal are they?

Lewis said...

Scary. I'm afraid I'd be up on the chair.

Thomas said...

I have a pair of Opossum's that like to live in my run down garage. I've knicknamed them Brad and Angelina, because they were in their making babies. My dog, a German Shepard, likes to play with them. Enjoy your 'friends.'

Ur-spo said...

the things you have down yonder.