31 July 2008

Updates and other frivolous things on my mind...

We'll I have been slack in the posting area of my life so I thought I would at least attempt to put something out there. I just never seem to come up with posts about things that are weighing on my mind or things that are bothering me in the the world. Maybe I'll give it a go here in the next few days but until then the best I can do is share a few updates on things that have been happening around here and maybe share a few frivolous items on my list of things to do or that are just floating around in my head. So here goes:


  • It will be four weeks tomorrow that I had my back surgery and I'm doing well. I'm still a little sore in my lower back but hopefully that will go away eventually. I have a review with the surgeon and the neurologist at the end of August so I'll let you know then if we achieved anything positive out of this other than saving me from totally losing all feelings in my right leg.
  • My partner has started back on his second semester going for his Masters degree in Education. He received excellent grades last semester. They grade a bit different here so he received like one excellent plus and three distinction marks. The grade of distinction is the best you can get. Needless to say I'm very proud of him, but then again I've always been very proud of him.
  • Winter still has it's hold on us but soon the daffodils and tulips will be blooming. Interestingly we have had some jonquils start coming up so it's not been that cold this winter. In fact I had four of them actually bloom the other day and I've got them in a vase in the house. ...and they say there's no global warming.

Frivolous things-

  • I have a doctors appointment tomorrow which also means it's my monthly voyage into the city to shop. Since I don't drive I only get into the city once a month and I make the most of it by doing all of the odd lot shopping I need to do like buying candles, DVDs and checking out what's new on the clothing horizon from Rodd and Gunn.
  • The hormone shot we had the vet give the cat has worked a treat and she has stopped fighting. However, as a side effect, as warned by the vet, she has become extremely clingy and wants to be held constantly. I mean constantly! At the same time she is spending a lot more time inside which is a good thing. She'll be due for another shot in October as they only last 6 months.
  • I've fallen in love with a biscuit (cookies for my American friends) called a Monte Carlo. Now they may have these in the state but I have never had one until I moved here. They are basically two sugar cookies filed with a thin layer of raspberry jam and a generous layer of vanilla butter cream frosting. There are a few variations but only with the biscuit part not the filling. Anyway, I found a new version that has an oatmeal type biscuit instead of the sugar cookie and I've fallen in love, when I say in love I mean addicted. They are made fresh daily and sold at various cafes and specialty food shops here in town. I've decided I'm going to try my hand at making them because I'm getting embarrassed asking for them every other day when we pop into our local food shop (Hill Street Grocer). Everyone that works there knows us and now they just ask me how many I want as they have to get them from the baked goods display counter.
  • Oh and I'm really pissed at Apple for messing up iTunes with their recent upgrade to 7.7. I like many, many, many others am unable to make changes to my iPod or add new music because it is freezing up every time I connect to iTunes. This has been going on for at least a week and Apple still has not acknowledged that there is a problem. I love me some Apple but if they keep this up I could be tempted to go back to my old PC, viruses, windows and all. OK, maybe I'm not that mad but they damn well better get this bug fixed with a new version and they better do it quick!

That's enough punishment for one post. I'll put you out of your misery right now and stop rambling but at least I've given you a peek into what's happening around here. It's not very exciting but then again I never said it was. Until next time. Enjoy...

(Update: Apple has sent a new upgrade that has fixed the problem. Well it fixed mine, I'm only assuming that it fixed everyone else's)


Glenn said...

"Oh and I'm really pissed at Apple for messing up iTunes with their recent upgrade to 7.7. I like many, many, many others am unable to make changes to my iPod or add new music because it is freezing up every time I connect to iTunes."

iTunes was the problem?! I tried updating my iPod for three days before smashing it with a hammer - and iTunes was the PROBLEM??!!!


Ur-spo said...

i very much enjoy your update blog entries. thank you for keeping in touch.
and thankyou for the warning about apple and ipods.

Anonymous said...

Oh those pesky pussies.